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How to organize and maximize space in a small office.

by dublindecor

For many organizations, renting a small office is the most optimal solution, both in price and optimizing the use of the room. The fact is that not every business requires large square areas of office space – sometimes a few meters are enough. Well, again, a small office is a significant saving of the lease budget.

Despite the fact that the bustle with the rental of the office today can get any manager, any small company can exist compactly and look prestigious even in the smallest room. Secret in the correct organization. In this article, we will tell you how to optimize a small office space so that it is not only convenient to work in it, but also prestigiously accept customers.

Clean the mess.

Actually, this item applies to an office of any size and category. Most managers and employees of organizations launch their office premises. As a result, in the office the wires that the system administrator left are scattered everywhere; Near the tables of the employees, some boxes, magazines lie in a stack; On racks, a new and spoiled office was dumped into a bunch of a bunch; The tables were mired in the grief of the necessary and unnecessary papers… Someone will say that this is a creative mess, but in fact-this is a complete spit on at least some organization. Unfortunately, this is very familiar to our country, but at the same time – this is an indicator of non -viability of the company.

In general, the necessary must be sorted from unnecessary. Teach employees to use a bin for paper and sorting files for documents. Give off the office workers for monitors and teach them to wipe equipment and dust tables at least a couple of times a week. Everything that does not need to be thrown out or attributed to the warehouse (for example, an old non -working printer is unlikely to be useful to you – enough to engage in collecting!). Your office is not a warehouse! This axiom is important to remember!

Let the things upright

Clumption of office space is the first problem of the office. When you coped with her, you need to start organizing the necessary things. And you need to do it competently.

The main goal of the organization is to decompose things so that the frequently used materials are in easy availability, while the archive of the materials is in the collected and well -formed form. Things that you do not use very often, you need to have the farther from the main work area.

Documents should have their own house, that is, all files, accounts, acts, etc. Employees must respect and properly maintain document management.

It is best to lay out things in a vertical rack. Use height as much as possible, not width. Buy the highest cabinet – under the ceiling to capture the most extensive space. Things that are used extremely rarely, send to the upper shelf. In the center of the rack, at the chest level, you can decompose the office available to office employees or decor. The central shelf is usually the most visually noticeable and easily accessible, so here everything should be most beautifully laid out. On the lower shelves of racks (which are very dusty) it is best to use boxes or boxes. In these boxes (or boxes) you can add those things that are difficult to organize (for example, spare mice for computers, packs of markers, packaging, jars, tubes, spare office, etc. P.).

Continuing to think vertically, you can fix the monitors on the wall or partition (if the location of the table allows), thereby saving the space on the desktop.

Instead of a tear -off calendar, a lying glider and organizer, hang a magnetic or cork board on the wall, which will replace all of the listed things. In addition, all notes and stickers that are clinging your table and computer will transfer to this board.

If possible, then you can also organize space with the help of office furniture and accessories.

Saving space with office furniture and accessories

Even a very small space, for example, when the office is rented 30 m, requires a desk, computer, armchairs. If the office is small, then you need to use every meter of space as efficiently as possible. Avoid heavy, bulky furniture and choose thin, modern ergonomic tables, computers, chairs, wardrobes for storage. Multipurpose furniture is perfect, for example, a table that has many boxes and compartments can function as a store for documents, saving space on shelves. Together printer, scanner and fax, buy MFP.

Get comfortable paper trays and other stationery devices that can organize office securities. You will need holders for pens and pencils, crosses and so on. All this will help keep the tables neatly.

Use the space under the table, it is often empty. Special holders can be attached to the door, which will make this part of the office also functional. Here you can place a board for ads or shelves.

The elegance of a small office.

Your office decor can either help your business or harm it. Office registration helps customers feel the quality of business.

Paint your walls in delicate colors. Dark shades may seem more fashionable, but they will “eat” space visually. Light room seems more.

Instead of table lamps, it is better to use wall lamps, and even better tracks or built -in lighting. If the windows are heavy drapery – get rid of them. Let there be as much natural light as possible.

If possible, add mirrors to the room. They will give the room a sense of size. But a huge number of prints on the walls, can add randomness to your small space. However, placing a certain decor in the style of the room is still worth.

And remember, the main thing in any office is accuracy. This indicator is very striking and gives the first idea of ​​your organization.

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