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by dublindecor

Having completed the construction of the house, it is necessary to begin the improvement of the house space and the entire site as a whole. An important stage of this process is the landscaping and planting of the garden and individual trees. You can plant seedlings and wait for the garden to grow and gains strength. Well, what to do if you want to immediately have large trees near my house? In this case, you can resort to planting large plants. This method is much more expensive, but it avoids many years of waiting, while seedlings grow. At the moment, you can plant five -meter and, even ten -meter trees. It all depends on the desire and financial capabilities of the owner. Moreover, the texture of the tree in porcelain tile will help to emphasize the general design motives for both the personal house and for, for example, in the pool.

Planting large -scale plants The process is risky and laborious. Adult trees take root much worse than young seedlings.

You can often see that a large, recently built, the house stands like a wasteland, among a naked area. Naturally, the owners want to immediately surround their house with large shady trees. Little seedlings will look like miserable twigs for several years on the background of this big house.

If financial capabilities allow, then you can fulfill this desire. Now there are specialists in this matter with the necessary landing material and equipment for its landing. It is necessary to approach this issue thoroughly and you need to start with a design project, the creation of which is best entrusted to specialists who will help with the preparation of compositions from plants for your landscape design project.

Large plants that will be at a safe distance from the construction site can be planted already at the construction stage. At the time of completion of construction, such trees will already be ill and get stronger.

When choosing plants, it is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions of the region where your site is located and the possibility of their comfortable growth in these conditions. When choosing a place for planting a particular plant, it is also necessary to take into account not only its adaptability to local climatic conditions, but also the attitude of the plant to light, local soil, groundwater and other factors.

The best time to prepare a landscape design project is winter, because by the beginning of the spring boarding season you will have time to thoroughly prepare.

Planting large -scale plants will immediately give the site the appearance of a long -lived place, and will delight the hosts with beauty and solidity.

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