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Parquet repair

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Repair work is carried out in case of severe damage to the wooden floor, when a complete or partial replacement of the strips is required. The complexity of the parquet repair is determined by the features of damage. We recommend that in this matter to use the services of professional parqueters who have knowledge and experience necessary to eliminate damage.


If gaps appeared during operation in your wooden floor, do not worry, this can be corrected. Repair of cracks in the parquet is best carried out immediately when they are detected. Over time, dirt will accumulate in them, and even cleaning can become your enemy. Moisture that enters the gap leads to their increase.

Small gaps are easily restored using wood or parquet putty putty. If the gap is more than 5 mm in width, it will require an insert of a piece of parquet, subsequent putty of the repair area, as well as its varnish or oil. It is better if the processing of your floors is performed by a professional parquet, which can properly prepare the repair area and make it as inconspicuous as possible against the background of the floor.

After the bay

As a result of severe saturation with water, the floor planks swell and begin to crawl on top of each other, this is called a crust. If the amount of water was not large or you managed to immediately remove it from the floor, after drying the bar can restore their size and repair will not be required.

Depending on the flood area, a partial replacement of the dies or a complete reconfigure, the existing parquet may be required.

Sliding parquet

Before talking about the possibilities of eliminating such an unpleasant element as a script of parquet, let’s figure out the reasons for its occurrence.

Wood – living material that during operation constantly changes its size. Compressed with increased dryness, swells with excessive humidity. Of course, the change in size is in fractions of millimeters, but these changes are enough to lead to unpleasant consequences.

For a parquet or massive board, when laying which self -tapping screws or nails are used, they may be divorced. Screws come out of their nests, rub on parquet strips and cause creaking sound.

In the most difficult case, it will require a complete reconfiguration of the existing flooring. In simpler versions, you can eliminate the creak on the floor by filling the voids between the plains of the parquet talcum or mounting foam.

The main thing to remember is that you can eliminate the script of the parquet in any case, the main thing is not to postpone the solution of this issue in order to avoid complicating the situation.

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