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Terrace board. Where to buy building materials in St. Petersburg

by dublindecor

Modern building materials used for operation in the open air are reliable and durable. One of these materials is a terrace board used in arranging arbors, verandas, open areas in the immediate vicinity of reservoirs and pools. This material is also widely used as garden paths and sidewalks, so it is often called a street board or decking.

Terrace board can have a corrugated and smooth surface. The most widespread products with a corrugated surface due to an increase in the safety of use, especially in relation to moist conditions. Regardless of the type of surface of the terrace board, products of various design have the same characteristics.

The material for the manufacture of decinging in the classical performance is Siberian larch, although other composite materials can be used. The advantages of Siberian larch are indicated by its high moisture resistance, which does not require the use of additional moisture protection processing. Increased operational resistance of such a board can be achieved using oil or wax emulsions as processing.

The attractiveness of the appearance is provided by natural color and texture of wood material, excellently combined with a natural landscape in those places where deck is laid. When laying the street board, some rules should be followed. First of all, a wooden base from the boards with a gap between them is in advance from 5 to 10 mm should be prepared in advance. In this case, air circulation and water passage in the case of laying the floor on the open area will be ensured. Before laying a terrace board, it should undergo a natural exposure to adapt to external conditions.

The decoration of the decking is processed as necessary, for this, protective compositions can be used that protect the wooden surface from burnout and loss of appearance. In any case, the good wear resistance of natural wood will provide long and convenient operation of the material, regardless of whether processing was carried out or not. An important feature of the terrace board is its ability to maintain heat in the dark, unlike stone or ceramics with a cooling cold surface.

When choosing building materials when planning the manufacture of paths and sites, it is useful to pay attention to the qualities of a terrace board, repeatedly marked with positive reviews of consumers.

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