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Tips for choosing a real estate agency

by dublindecor

Every year the number of people who prefer to look for housing are not growing independently, but through real estate agencies. Moreover, most customers of such companies pay attention primarily to the cost of services. This indicator, of course, is important, but we must not allow it to play a decisive role. In addition to material, there are several more factors that should pay attention to.

A realtor is, to some extent, a seller, but his task is much more complicated. The fact is that the seller offers the buyer the goods, and the realtor – the service. If a person who came to work in a real estate agency is not able to sell this service, he will not work for a long time. It is “Product” that makes real estate agencies work on themselves constantly, because the main thing in such a company is the image. Realtors love to say that their capital is a good name. To form an image, it takes a lot of effort and time. And it can destroy it in a matter of seconds absolutely any scandal. Currently, the real estate services market is quite wide and there are many companies that have an excellent reputation among both customers and colleagues. In each realtor company, it is customary to keep an account of repeated appeals and customers who came on the recommendation. If a person was pleased with the services rendered in the company, he, if necessary, will again turn to the company and advise it to his friends and friends.

To date, in each region of Russia there are about 200 real estate agencies and even more private maclers. Many announcements containing proposals for real estate services can be found in any newspaper or on the corresponding site. But how to make the right choice? Of course, the easiest way is to contact a company whose announcement you liked more than others or at all in case. But it is always worth remembering that the mistakes made in real estate transactions are difficult enough.

For this reason, it is better to be patient and engage in a systematic search.

The first indicator to pay attention to when choosing a real estate agency is the professionalism of the agency. It is not so important how many years it operates in the market and how many employees are listed in its staff. The quality of his work should be confirmed in any case. Advanced real estate companies usually undergo voluntary certification to confirm the compliance of the quality of the services provided according to the all -Russian standard of the Russian guild of realtors. If the agency has a certificate of certification in stock, then professionals work in it, it provides insurance of professional responsibility, draws up legally competent agreements. Such a certificate is not just a piece of paper, but a guarantee, although not one hundred percent, that this company offers truly high-quality services. If you are contacting such an agency, the risk of encountering unprofessionalism is minimized.

Also, before choosing a realtor, it will be useful to find out that almost every city has its own professional associations. As a rule, they have strict selection criteria into their ranks and thorough control over the further activities of their members. All members of such associations not only undergo hard selection during the entry, but also obey the unified rules and requirements. Professor also perform the function of the controlling body, which can be complained of unprofessionalism and abuse of the agency.

When choosing an agency, special attention should be paid to the experience of its employees and their qualifications. Really high-quality services, as a rule, are provided only by specialists with a big in bulk of work in a particular market segment. If the employees have a certificate of real estate broker, you can safely trust him with the search and sale of housing. Of great importance is how the safety of transactions in the agency is ensured, the services of which you are going to use. In particular, we are talking about how much it is ready to answer for the work of its employees, whether customers are insured from realtors’ mistakes, how the money is transferred from the seller to the buyer. The most detailed answers to these questions will provide customers with the right choice. Also no less important are the components of the image of a real estate agency. Firstly, what is the range of real estate services that it provides. It is advisable to choose the company that offers to resolve all real estate issues at once (sale, search, receipt of a mortgage loan, residential lease or delivery) and drawing up documents). Among the points that are also worth paying attention to, is the level of organization of work in the company. Make appropriate conclusions on such signs as the presence of a qualified lawyer, the ability to easily call the company’s office, the availability of your own Internet site and email, and even a convenient work schedule.

Before making a final decision, you need to visit the company’s office. It’s not even that the company has a large building with chic furniture. These are just those signs that you should not pay attention to at all. But if employees who do not know what to do with yourself is going on, there are jokes from the smoking room, and at the workplaces there are always tea parties, and realtors now and then shout at their customers by phone, do not use the services of such an agency. Gorgeous apartments are not an indicator of reliability, the atmosphere reigning in the company is important. Employees wandering idle, jokes in the smoking room, constant tea drinking do not inspire confidence. Try to choose the office that has a convenient location, since you will have to visit it many times. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact of the ownership of the building. If the company still does not have a personal office, does this mean that you will not have your own housing too long? Small companies located in close offices of small business centers often disappear without a trace, leaving their customers without money and without an apartment.

As we have already said, do not trust the most vivid advertising announcement. But you still need to pay attention to advertising, because it can tell a lot about the company. So, the volume of advertising allows us the activity with which the agency works in the market. For this purpose, it is worth spending a little time and study several magazines of this topic. Seeing that an advertisement for some company comes out irregularly, immediately cross it out of a sheet of your potential realtors. If there are breaks in the publications, this indicates the financial instability of the agency. But there is also advertising in newspapers (including free), socio-political and specialized publications, as well as in electronic media. Such a plentiful flow of publications that exist today allows realtors to conduct an effective advertising campaign of their services.

Much about the agency can say his website. Firstly, its presence is already a sign that its employees are interested in their customers. Secondly, on the site you can get the necessary information about the history of the company, the experience of working in the market, the composition of employees. Also, a good option would be to visit specialized Internet forums in which you can find various “Books of complaints”, which are most often sincere than any advertising. The company that has the smallest number of points, and you should choose.

On the other hand, on the Internet you can find many sites with the stories of former customers of realtors, for example re -reacts reviews. They can talk about how they were deceived, pulled time and did not work. We must not forget that most of such reviews are the work of competitors who thus want to lure customers into their company.

After the choice is made and you have to sign an agreement with the real estate company, you must ask for a sample agreement. This stage is the latter in the process of obtaining information about the agency, but by no means the most insignificant. If errors are made in the contract or some circumstances are unaccounted for, you can lose a large amount of finances and moral forces. The contract must reflect all the nuances of your agreement. And the last: this document must be signed on behalf of the Agency by its director and manager who has a power of attorney from the head of the company. Then the signed agreement is fastened with the seal of the agency.

If you follow all these simple rules, you can make a really correct and meaningful choice of real estate agency.

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