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Types of air conditioners for the apartment

by dublindecor

At the moment, the industry is produced by several types of air conditioners for residential premises. They can differ, both in design and in functionality and purpose. These are window air conditioners, portable, split systems and multi -spell systems. The last three varieties are most often used in apartments.

Window air conditioners are characterized by increased noise and some inconvenience in use, so they set them somewhat less often. They consist of one block and are mounted directly into the window, most often into the window. For the winter they must be removed.

Split system in use is much more simple and convenient. First, it does not need to be dismantled in the fall. Secondly, it consists of two blocks, the most noisy of which is installed outside the room. The second “half” of the structure is hung on the wall and usually has a very modern and stylish design. Multosplit system is almost the same. Its difference in only a few indoor blocks. Street, as well as in the first case only one. This design is simply perfect for large rooms with many rooms. You can choose and buy a high -quality air conditioner of this design here – .

If desired, you can buy a split system with various additional functions-cleaning the room from dust, air ionization and even its moisture. Some models are equipped with a special fan that provides access to the apartment of fresh air. Split systems for bedrooms and children’s rooms are also produced. In addition, you can also purchase an “intellectual” design that can track the movement of a person around the room and direct a stream of cold air in the opposite direction. Some systems can not only cool the room, but also heat it in winter.

Mobile air conditioners also cope well with the cooling of the premises. These are compact devices consisting of one block. A special corrugation is provided in their design, according to which hot air is thrown out into the street through the window. They can be freely moved from room to room and even transported with you in the car. Their only drawback is that at almost the same cost they are less powerful than split systems and cool the room a little worse.

With all the variety of this type of climate technique, the choice if necessary will not be difficult to make. Usually, split systems are purchased for apartments. The degree of functionality may depend on the financial capabilities of the owner of the apartment. Those who prefer coolness not only in the city, but also in the country most often acquire mobile structures.

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