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Balcony trim with artificial stone

by dublindecor

For the decoration of modern balconies, mainly plastic or wood is used. Thus, most apartment owners decorate them. As a result, almost all balconies and loggias look somewhat stereo and non -original. Meanwhile, having shown a little imagination, it is quite possible to do something unusual and even exclusive. Suppose to finish the balcony with artificial stone. This is a new, but already gaining well -deserved popularity material.

At the moment, the most in demand by the artificial stone of Russian production. It is much cheaper than imported and no worse in quality. For its manufacture, only environmentally friendly materials are used – cement and expanded clay. In addition, the Russian artificial stone is aesthetically attractive and is distinguished by a variety of colors, textures and forms.

Parting the balcony with this material will not be difficult and independently. It is very easy to install. Sticking it on walls or floor is no more difficult than ordinary tiles. The technology is as follows:

– the surface is prepared – cleaned and aligned;

– Laying begins on top and from the corner;

– It is smeared with glue and stone, and a finished surface;

– The stone is neatly applied to the wall and is aligned;

– With the seamless method, individual elements are glued to the vest, with a method in the extension – at a distance of 1 cm from each other;

– grind the seams, if any, and extended with a special tool.

The balcony trimmed with artificial stone is certainly better to glaze. In this case, you can get an additional room and expand the area of ​​the apartment. The stone is covered both completely all the walls and combine it with other materials – decorative plaster, drywall, stucco molding, polyurethane, wood, etc.D. Here the owner is given truly unlimited scope for imagination.

The balconies and loggias decorated in this way look unusually spectacular and unusual. This material will last a very long time, as it differs in a non -permanent structure, and therefore microcracks do not appear on it. This is a strong, resistant to moisture and large temperature changes. Artificial stone is light and resistant to biological corrosion – the destruction of a fungus or microorganisms. In addition, it is much cheaper than its natural analogues. All these wonderful qualities explain its extraordinary popularity.

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