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Bimetallic heating radiators

by dublindecor

When repairs, the Russians sooner or later think about changing the heating system, which has become inherited since the Soviet Union. Now in the modern market in the assortment there are different types of heating systems. Radiators can be made of cast iron, aluminum or be bimetallic.

Undoubtedly, it is extremely important for building home comfort and comfort to choose high -quality products that will serve faithfully for a long period of time. If you turn to statistics, you can see that Russians actively install bimetallic radiators in their homes. Why? All thanks to the properties.

The thing is that such heating systems are great for Russian central heating systems. Such radiators perfectly withstand not the best quality of the heat carrier, turn out to be adamant before increased gas formation and sharp pressure drops in the heating system.

Speaking about the history of the appearance in the Russian market, it is worth noting the fact that bimetallic radiators first began to be installed in the Russian Federation more than 15 years ago. Their appearance on the Russian market is not accidental. This type of radiators was specially designed for difficult operating conditions in Russia. Over the years, many firms have appeared on the market, but in the most profitable light, the company producing Esprado bimetallic radiators showed itself. Undoubtedly, those who chose the quality never regretted what the radiators of this brand installed in their house.

What is the peculiarity of bimetallic radiators, and why such a system was developed exclusively for the Russian market? The thing is that in central heating systems it circulates a chemically aggressive substance. This is the so -called heat carrier. It is he who affects the walls of the radiator, destroying them and releasing hydrogen. It was in order to withdraw all the gas, the manufacturers decided to lay a special steel detail in the section.

In such a cunning way, manufacturers solved the problem, and now aluminum effectively gives heat, and steel perfectly protects the entire structure as a whole and provides reliable operation.

Speaking of high thermal return, it is worth mentioning the indicators. If you measure measurements at an interdose distance equal to 50 cm, then the heat transfer will be from 170 to 190 watts. Moreover, such a heating system has not only a high working division of twenty atmospheres, but also an elegant design.

Choose a quality that guarantees you a complete sense of reliability and confidence in tomorrow!

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