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Choice of interior doors

by dublindecor

Making repairs in the apartment usually, the main attention is paid to the materials from which the flooring, wallpaper, tiles, etc. are made.д. But we should not forget that the right choice of interior doors plays a very important role in the design of the interior of the dwelling. Not versed in this matter, most likely, will stop at a simple selection of doors to the size of the doorway, but this is not quite right, because in addition to the dimensions of interior doors have other parameters.

Most often encountered is the so-called swing door, which, based on its width, are divided into one-leaf and two-leaf. Single-leaf products can be installed in any room, and double-leaf products are usually installed in living rooms and halls. If your apartment has narrow corridors or if for some other reason you can not install swing doors, sliding doors will help you. They are also subdivided into products with one or two leaves. Another solution to the problem of lack of space in the apartment are folding doors, the flaps which consist of several segments. The door, consisting of two segments, is called a bookcase, but if the segments are three or more – an accordion. The best in this segment are considered to be Italian interior doors.

The most commonly used materials for interior doors are wood or wood plastic (chipboard and MDF, which are made from chips and sawdust). Interior products of solid wood are high in price and appropriate appearance, of course, the durability of these doors compared to others is much higher. In this case it is necessary to use high-quality materials for their mounting, because due to the large weight of the product over time, cheap fasteners can deform, and the door will be jammed.

Today are very popular veneered products, made of wood veneer veneer of precious wood species. Qualitatively manufactured veneered doors, visually, are virtually indistinguishable from solid wood doors. If you need a cheaper door, you can buy a laminated, in the manufacture of veneer is replaced by a special film on a paper base, imitating a wood pattern. Armed with this knowledge and determining the true purpose of the interior door, you can easily choose the most suitable one for you.

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