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Choosing furniture for living room

by dublindecor

Imagine you decided to move, bought an apartment, finished repairs. And now the most difficult question arises – the choice of furniture. After all, it is necessary to choose the furniture so that it is not only comfortable and conveniently located, but also looks great in your interior.

This article is devoted to the choice of furniture for the living room. Let’s start with cabinets. There are many different cabinets for the living room – from large, overloaded with details of oriental cabinets made of dark wood, to elegant cabinets made of walnut wood in the style of “modern”.

Even if the entire living room is made in an old exquisite, but somewhat heavy style, abandon ominous cabinets with sharp corners and details, all this should be rounded to avoid a threatening species. Also, you should not buy cabinets with an abundance of threads, especially in the form of ferocious animals-you yourself will not become comfortable in such a room after some time.

Products with doors, not open shelves, look good, and the boxes are of practical significance – annoying and curious guests will not be able to consider your things.

Let’s move on to sofas – it is best to choose a sofa with a high back and armrests, such a sofa is undoubtedly the most convenient and comfortable. Do not chase the fashionable hi-Tekov sofas, because you have to not only look at him, but also sit and lie. Therefore, it is always better to choose a simple, but pretty and convenient sofa. You undoubtedly need to pick up seats for the sofa, it is better if they are combined by texture and material.

Of course, each person suggests that guests will come to the living room – which means that there should be a TV, for example, to jointly watch DVD films or show your vacation photos. It is convenient to put the TV on the nightstand, at the bottom of which there will be shelves for the DVD player and discs.

A small table will also fit well into the living room, you can put magazines on it or put a treat for guests. You should choose a table combined by texture and details with your cabinets and bedside tables and fitting into the overall interior of the apartment.

After the living room furniture is chosen and installed, it is worth moving on to the details. For example, a large soft carpet on the floor will give your living room a cozy and inhabited look. If you have children, then the carpet will help to avoid drafts and a cold when playing it. Although, if you decide to get a puppy in a new apartment, it is better to abandon the carpets until the puppy grows up and will not walk on the street, otherwise your new carpet can be quickly spoiled.

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