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Glazing the balcony with aluminum profile: Pros and minuses

by dublindecor

Currently, most apartment owners prefer to glaze their loggias and balconies, since the environmental situation in cities is very difficult. For this purpose, plastic, wooden or aluminum window profiles are most often used. The last type of glazing can be attributed to one of the most modern, aesthetic and economical. Of course, these designs have both their disadvantages and advantages.

Advantages of aluminum profile

As noted above, glazing the balcony with an aluminum profile can be attributed to the most economical types. Another undoubted advantage is that such designs are unusual ease. This makes their delivery, climb to the upper floors and installation very convenient. In addition, they can be installed on balconies of old dilapidated houses, where the use of heavy design elements is often unacceptable.

Another dignity is extraordinary strength and durability. Aluminum is not subject to any type of corrosion, but also stable both to mechanical influences and chemical. In addition, aluminum designs are unusually easy to care for. To remove such frames for a while even a woman. Thanks to this, there is no need to risk health, outbursing through the railing during spring or autumn cleaning of the glasses. In addition, such a convenient design allows, for example, in the summer, in general, dismantle the frames and leave the balcony open.

Disadvantages of aluminum structures

The disadvantages of this type of glazing can be ranked, first of all, that when using them, the owner will not be able to make it from the balcony from the balcony. The fact is that aluminum frames are characterized by a sufficiently low degree of thermal protection, and therefore it will be cold here in winter. In the summer, with closed frames – it is very hot. The use of aluminum profile for glazing balconies or loggias allows you to protect their internal space only from rain, dust, snow and wind. On such a balcony, for example, you can safely hang your washed underwear. However, in cold weather, the temperature here will rarely exceed 0 g. Celsius.

Another rather serious drawback of such glazing can be considered that on the balcony when designing it will not be possible to use any other metals except aluminum. Otherwise, undesirable chemical reactions will necessarily arise, which can lead to corruption of the structure. Use aluminum structures for glazing balconies, of course, is worth. But only if the owner of the apartment does not set the purpose of expanding the residential area at his expense.

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