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Herbal coating with a reinforced base

by dublindecor

The green space, spread out in front of the house, can rightfully compete in beauty even with the most exquisite coating, because the proximity of nature always has a calming effect on a person, helps to increase mood and performs not only aesthetic-visual functions, but also completely pragmatic-grass, as well as Any plant can give oxygen into the air, is not prone to dust accumulation and fits beautifully into any style. But, how to be, if in possession – there is a car, and, as a result, there is a need for a convenient entrance to the dwelling?..

The type of access roads based on a reinforced herbal coating comes to the rescue. This variety not only decorates the yard, making it a more green and pleasant eye, but also perfectly solves the problem with the germination of plants between the tile coating, however, as the grass does not allow the grass through concrete, destroying its basis, as the campaign specialized in the decoration of apartments informed us in Krasnodar.

Choosing a herbal coating for your access road, you get not only a more fresh and natural version, but also very durable and convenient to use the path, since plants, no matter how gentle they seem at first glance, as nothing else can reliably fasten the layers soils, at the same time – without harming the ecology. The wheels of the car freely drive along the cobblestone, without harming the grass.

This type of road can be called profitable not only because of its aesthetic side, but also because puddles do not form on it-even a large amount of moisture freely penetrates the soil. A reinforced-grass variety of the structure of the entrance to the house will certainly delight you throughout the year. In the spring, it will decorate your site with its greens and help in the fight against meltwater, in the summer it will practically not require care, with the exception of the case in which the height of the herbs will become too high. However, the lawn mower will easily cope with this problem. In the fall, you will be deprived of mud problems in your site, because even the nast “brought” on the wheels of your car will quickly fall into the space between the stones of the paving stones, being washed away by simple water. In winter, such a coating will show reliable clutch, regardless of the height of the snow layer.

Herbal reinforced coatings create a very good impression and look comfortable. However, it is worth remembering that by this type of road-it is not very convenient to move on foot, therefore, in addition to it, it is still worth making a prayer or concrete path.

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