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Repairs of soft roof roof, roofing

by dublindecor

Having discovered bloating on a bituminous basis of the roofing carpet, it is necessary to state that roof repair is needed. The usual repair of the soft roof, eliminating mass swelling will only delay its full replacement. Otherwise you can wait for the complete destruction of the base, which holds the rolled or other soft roof.

In the case when bloating is characterized by a “one -time character”, this can only say about a random and single violation of technology in the process when roofing was performed, therefore, in this situation, you should not be so upset, since all these problems are solved.

Before starting the repair of the roof, let’s try to figure out the origin of these formed “blisters”.

The cause of trouble may be the flow of melt or rainwater between the stacked layers of the carpet. If the bloating is single, then with confidence it can be said that gluing mastic was applied to the hard base or between the layers, and the constant enemy of each builder is condensation, which is obtained in the cavity that formed, where, due to the exposure of temperatures, the condensation squeezed out properly laid carpet.

Detection of bloating

In a sense, we can assume that the condensate even provided you with a service, since he pointed out a mistake made earlier.

But, nevertheless, before proceeding with the “surgical operation”, it is necessary to clean the roof from snow, a careful study of the entire surface of the roof. After the roof is cleaned of the snow, a sequential and thorough tapping of the carpet “on sound” is performed, which can serve as a scientifically sound way to find potential swelling.

The metal roof is repaired in a completely different way.

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Solving the problem of how the thermal insulation of the roof is performed, many do not suspect that today the waterproofing sub -permanent films are called up, primarily

The most common way of covering roofs is the device of roofs from metal tiles.

Most of the residential real estate in our country is not particularly characterized by effective thermal resistance, providing comfortable conditions in the room.

The building market for covering roofs offers a wide range of these products, which can satisfy the requests of even capricious buyers.

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