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Types of roofing roofing materials

by dublindecor

In this article, we will talk about those important factors that you should definitely pay attention to when choosing a material for the roof.

For what indicators the roofing material is chosen.


From the type of load planned on a square meter of your roof in your region, a certain type of roof is selected. It depends on the levels of snowfalls in the winter season, as well as on the strength of the wind in your region.


You need to understand what shape the roof of the future structure will. Based on the requirements in the form, sizes, other features of the structure, the type of a certain roofing system is selected, as well as the type of coating. If ceramic tiles are chosen, it is imperative to comply with the slope of the roof of at least 30 degrees according to the technology of the construction of the roof from this type of material. High -quality roofing materials in Moscow are offered on the site here the composite tiles of Gorard, Metrotile, Luxard are presented at the best prices, with the possibility of delivery to another region of the Russian Federation.

– Reliability, fire safety requirements.

Depending on the conditions in which the roof will be operated, one or another type of material will be selected. It makes no sense to spend a lot of money on the construction of an expensive roof for sheds and garages.

Ceramic tile

It is created from clay, then it is formed and burned in domain furnaces at a temperature of 950 degrees, the color as a result acquires a red-brown. Often, during manufacture, the glossy coating applied before heat treatment for resistance to rains, snowfalls, degrees.

Of the advantages, one can note low material costs, high noise punch, high thermal stability, decorative attractiveness.

Of the shortcomings, a large proportion of the roof structure, the fragility of the material, as well as the complexity of the device of complex structures are distinguished.

Bitumen tile

Bitumen tiles are made of fiberglass and polyester. Such tiles are a rather reliable material, since it has a layer of protective coating, which when heated gluing all the components of the roof among themselves.

From the strengths of the bitumen tiles, high flexibility, the possibility of a local repair, a high level of sound insulation, is not subject to corrosion can be noted.

The disadvantages of the tiles of this type are determined not by its elitism, a high level of burning, but also in the sun in the sun.

Here we considered only general information on roofing materials. This topic will be disclosed in more details in other articles of our site.

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