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Where to start the repair of the kitchen

by dublindecor

Kitchen – that part of the apartment or house, the repair of which requires the greatest physical and financial costs. In addition, the repair process itself in this part of the house is usually associated with a large number of unforeseen issues and problems. Good preliminary preparation will help make repairs less problematic. The right choice of tools, building and finishing materials will help save money and time, as well as carry out the necessary work, observing all the rules of production technologies.

Kitchen repair plan

Think over the work plan in advance even if you want to carry out a slight repair of the kitchen. Overhaul all the more implies a detailed phased work plan. In the case of dismantling, transferring partitions and expanding the kitchen, the repair project will need not only to be prepared, but also to provide the relevant services in order to legalize redevelopment. Before the start of work, it is necessary to evaluate the scale of actions. To do this, you need to check the state in what communication, supporting structures, plumbing, as well as door and window openings are located. If one of this is wrong, it is better to immediately invite a specialist to eliminate problems. When drawing up the plan, it is necessary to clearly indicate the mandatory measures for the repair and replacement of water supply, heating. Since the repair of the kitchen is quite expensive, before starting work it is better to study the market and find the most suitable offer, because prices and manufacturers or suppliers are sometimes significantly different. In addition, in the modern construction market there are a large number of technologies aimed at saving time and money spent on repair work.

Compilation of a design project of the kitchen

In the modern world, a necessary part of any, even cosmetic, repair is the compilation of a design project. To do this, it is not necessary to invite specialists from elite companies. The need for a design project is due to the fact that it helps to draw up a repair schedule and prepare the necessary materials and technologies. This task is quite possible to cope on your own. In order to draw up a design project yourself, it is enough to draw a kitchen diagram on a sheet of paper, indicate on it the lines of communications and electrical wiring, as well as the placement of plumbing, electrical appliances and furniture. This will help you get rid of unnecessary and often unexpected work to transfer outlets. You should think about new appliances and furniture in advance. So, if you are going to install a new hood, you may have to spend it directly onto the street. Of course, if this becomes clear at the moment when the finish of the kitchen is completed, the extra problems will be noticeably resigned. In the case of installation of a multi-level ceiling structure made of drywall, you should make a plan-scheme in which the materials and the drawing of the electrical lighting of the kitchen will be calculated. Also at this stage you should decide on the methods of finishing. This is especially true for those works that require great preparation. In particular, we are talking about laying a parquet or performing high -quality plaster on the kitchen walls.

Dismantling work

After the plan has been drawn up, you can start repairing itself. They should be read from the most dirty and heavy places. It is better to start repairs in old houses with the removal of flooring and cleaning the walls from wallpaper. In addition, new buildings are also not always made qualitatively, therefore, starting repairs, often you have to work hard, removing the screed and leveling the walls and ceiling. This repair stage also includes work on expanding and arranging openings, as well as insulation of walls and balconies.

Engineering work

The next step in the correct repair should be work on organizing plumbing conclusions, laying electrical wiring and wiring heating systems. It is necessary to immediately provide the location of the TV and carry out the wiring there. Particular attention should be paid to the ventilation system and air conditioning. You should also think about the location of the air conditioner in the kitchen in advance.

The device of the screed

After completing all the work, you can proceed to the screed device. What – traditional concrete or without a difference – it is best to do it, it will become clear after identifying the floor level. The arrangement of the screed involves the mandatory thought out of the final coating. So, parquet and laminate involve more thorough preparation than laying linoleum or ceramic tiles. If you want to have a warm floor in the kitchen, you should also worry about this at this stage of repair.


After all the above is completed, you can proceed to the decoration. It should begin with the preparation of walls and ceiling, after which the installation of drywall structures is underway, laying tiles on the floor surface and walls. The thoroughness of the preparation of finishing work depends on how well you will do everything, because this violation of this point can lead to a violation of the finished finish.

Completion of repair

The repair of the kitchen is completed by installing the door, switches, platbands, outlets. The latest stage of work is the installation of built -in furniture and cleaning the room from accumulated dust and construction mud.

Useful tips

If you follow several simple rules, the repair of the kitchen can be made less problematic than usual.

So, for the duration of the repair should be organized in the house a place for kitchen utensils and furniture. With special care and attentiveness, you should approach the dismantling of washing and dishwasher and stoves. It is better not to start the dismantling and installation of electricians, plumbing and gas stoves if there is no skills and specialized education. When replacing double -glazed windows, special attention should be paid to ventilation and closing systems. Before starting work on the finish of the kitchen, study the advantages and disadvantages of the selected materials well, paying attention to their environmental friendliness and wear resistance. In the case of replacing furniture in the kitchen, decide in advance what and where it will stand, check the quality and durability of the materials.

Subject to all these rules, repairs in the kitchen will help save time and family budget without wasting it to correct your own errors.

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