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Contemporary Irish style at home

by marusia

The current Irish interior is not complete without high-quality natural wood. It acts as a key element of the decor. In such a house, almost all the furniture is made of wood.

These are tables with cabinets, and chairs with sofas.

The following types of wood are especially valued:

  • pine;
  • Cherry tree;
  • oak.

A feature of the Irish style is its naturalness. All furniture is made from unpainted wood.

The Irish love to go to pubs. This is reflected in the interiors of their houses. You can often see bar counters with wooden chairs.

The floor in the dwellings of the Irish is mainly made of stone. Cobblestone can also be used. To give comfort on such floors, rugs are often laid. Limestone is an alternative to stone as a finishing material. The Irish use their local blue limestone. Due to its color, it gives dwellings a certain feeling of coolness. Blue limestone is often placed in kitchens. There, tiles are often used as flooring.

Shelves are a notable element of the interior. In kitchens they are designed for frying pans, pots, cups and other utensils, and in other rooms – for books, flowers.

Irish design in interiors was significantly influenced by English fashion. Therefore, sometimes you can find country houses and even entire castles, furnished inside with elements of luxury. But in general, the Irish style absorbed Celtic motifs. Due to this, it can be described as a simple provincial style. It often seems rough and rustic, but this simplicity makes it quite cozy.

In Irish interiors, rational use of space is valued. There are no unnecessary and useless things in apartments and houses. Each section of the dwelling is used for its intended purpose. This is due to the fact that traditionally Irish houses are not large.

An obligatory element of the interior are Celtic patterns. National symbols are valued. They are often hung on the walls inside the dwelling. Almost every Irish home has an image of a shamrock. The plant is a national symbol.

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