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How to Create a Gaelic Style Cottage

by marusia

The homeland of the Gaels is a mysterious and amazing country… Once upon a time, Celtic and Gaelic tribes walked through this territory…

Their traditions formed the basis of their way of life. Simple and cute. This is exactly what Claire Bitcham liked so much in the 18th century. Besides love, of course.

If you have a house and want to give it some cinematic charm, you may well need the experience of Gaelic builders, which we spied on the film, found on the Internet and learned from designers …

Modern cottage roofs are covered with stylized artificial (synthetic) straw in order to avoid such troubles as beetles, rats and other insects that can settle in ordinary straw and ruin not only the roof, but also the life of the owners of the cottage.

The window of a Gaelic house is something incredibly beautiful and unusual. Because it is not just a window, but a decoration. It can be turned into an alcove with a wooden window sill, perfect for whimsical flowerpots or flower boxes. Or items from your favorite collection. It is customary to decorate the window itself with light curtains with a floral pattern.

If earlier in many houses the floor was made of earth or clay, then more modern options involve a stone floor or tiles stylized as natural stone. But be sure to complement the interior with rugs that once hid the cobblestones with which the floor was paved.

An obligatory element of the Irish-Gaelic house has become an open ceiling. Open in the sense that the rough ceiling beams and rafters supporting the roof are visible.

The fireplace must be at floor level and have an open hearth. The fireplace is usually installed in the kitchen or in the living room, and the bedroom should be behind the back fireplace wall so that this room can warm up well.

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