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Acrylic bath

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Acrylic bathtubs in the current plumbing market are highlighted with a chic look and durability. Modern acrylic baths are good because they do not require special care. In principle, in order for the product to keep its original appearance for a long time, you just need to wash it regularly. Just do this correctly, trying not to damage the acrylic surface.

Remove scratches

Scratches can provoke corrosion. Therefore, you need to get rid of scratches as soon as they appeared. With an acrylic surface, unlike enamel, this is easy to do. You need to purchase a repair set, which manufacturers usually offer together with the bathroom. There is a liquid acrylic in such a complex, which needs to be applied to a scratch and polish the surface of the bath after it dries. This procedure can be performed both independently and with the help of specialists who fart the restoration of baths.

Use liquid detergents

Today, there are special tools on the market designed for cleaning acrylic baths. But you can use any other liquid agents. Detergents are not suitable for acrylic:

– based on granules and in the form of powders,

– Based on acetone and ammonia,

– which contains formaldehydes or antedic acid.

Apply detergents evenly over the entire surface. Leave it for a few minutes, and then rinse. The spots can be rubbed with a soft cloth or sponge. You can not use brushes and metal washcloths for washing baths.

Acrylic baths can be cleaned with toothpaste. This is a good tool if the bath requires cardinal cleaning. But it is best to wash immediately after the end of water procedures, when the dirt has not yet stuck to the surface of the bath.

Do not use boiling water

Acrylic surface is very sensitive to high temperatures. It cannot be poured boiling. Already at 120 degrees, acrylic melts. Therefore, boiling water should be mixed with cool water before pouring it into the bath.

Give the bath a shine

In order for the acrylic bath to glisten, you can grate it after washing with a dry soft cloth. Wax polishing is also suitable for these purposes.

Clean the hydromassage system

If your bath is equipped with hydromassage, clean the system at least once a month. To do this, fill the bath with water with the addition of detergent. Turn on the hydromassage system for 10 minutes, and then turn off and leave the water at the same time. Then lower the water with a detergent and, filling the bath with clean water, repeat the procedure.

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