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Cottage from a profiled timber

by dublindecor

Which of us does not dream of a cottage? First of all, you need to decide on the choice of material. Modern construction offers a huge selection, but we recommend making a choice in favor of the beam. This building material has been very popular for a long time. This is due to its characteristics: long life, practicality, natural environmental friendliness, the ability to create comfort.

High -quality cottages with a unique microclimate can be built from a bar. This structure has an original appearance and geometric proportions. Direct walls provide wide opportunities for design and allow you to make a wide selection of interior decoration, furniture, decorative elements. What is a beam? This is a natural building material that is made of wood. When erecting buildings from it, it is necessary to observe the rules for its insulation. This will protect you from freezing and blowing a cottage, preserving a unique microclimate in it.

When creating a project, consider all your wishes. Do not forget about the features of building a house from a profiled timber


– The shrinkage passes evenly;

– You can assemble the structure easily and quickly;

– excellent thermal insulation;

– safe for health;

– Due to the form of the profile, protection against water flow is created;

– Miraculous appearance.

Consider the main stages of the assembly of the cottage

First of all, we are engaged in filling the foundation. The choice of the type of foundation depends on the characteristics of the soil. It is desirable that the calculations are made by professionals. Then we proceed to the installation of the log house. We install a log house on the foundation, lay the floor, and then mount the walls. Install the rafter system, lay the roofing material. The final stage is the installation of windows and the decoration of the interior.

What is included in the price of such a cottage?

– project creation;

– Cutting the nodes of cups, according to the project;

– the cost of a profiled timber;

– Antiseptic impregnation;

– Assembly of parts.

The construction of the cottage is a serious step, come to this responsibly. Use good quality material. Cheap material of poor quality has knots, cracks, traces of decay, groove and comb have errors. You can use your building year -round or seasonally. Your home from the beam will have an attractive appearance, and you will get large operational properties of the dwelling in combination with a low cost. You can realize the most daring ideas!


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