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by dublindecor

The garden divided into areas with various design topics will be the most remarkable. But first, it is worth studying the location of the site and the composition of the soil. Before starting landscaping, it is worthwhile to outline a work plan and choose suitable places for various plants. To make it easier to work on paper, where to arrange, taking into account the needs of plants.

The landscaping of a summer cottage must independently be done in stages. First plant trees, shrubs, and then flowers. You can green a fence, a well and a gazebo. This will be a great element of decor, and will allow you to hide some defects, for example: unevenness of the fence. But do not forget that all curly plants need support, for this you need to plant them next to vertical sections. Otherwise, the plant will simply grow on the ground. By the way, if you have a personal house, vinyl wallpaper for the bedroom will be very appropriate to take in tone and color of plants and use them in the decoration of the premises.

Sunny and partial areas in the garden can be decorated with a shady cinquefoil. They are not demanding on the soils, winter -hardy and winter well without shelter. Caring for them is not complicated, comes down to weeding, removing inflorescences (to avoid Samosev), a transplant, which is necessary as the curtain is aging. Resistant to pests and diseases, although it is occasionally affected by rust.

Grassy cinquefoils are widely used in group plantings against the background of the lawn, along the edge of the plantations of trees and shrubs, and stunted species in mountaineering. They look wonderful next to other wild species: gravila, bells, chamomiles, cloves, cereals.

On the site you can create a whole garden and decorative composition. If in a plant assortment add edible beautifully flowering varieties of onions (chnatt-hole or onions) and a salad with decorative leaves, you will get a very attractive look. You can make carrot borders, a spectacular salad row, and dilute cabbage cabbages with thickets of dill or in a garden bed with sweet pepper to plant basil.

In order for the site to look like a garden, and not just a mosaic of compositions, it must be tied with any elements. In the role of the link, there may be paths that connect all zones in the garden, or all buildings are erected in the same style. Plants planted in different areas, but viewed from one point will also create a beautiful view.

A small kindergarten that will be scattered around the site will bring comfort and give magnificent islands of flower beds, with delicate aromas of flowering plants.

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