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Cuisine from natural massif

by dublindecor

A kitchen from an array of wood is a natural material that does not distinguish any harmful substances. The array and facades made of natural wood always look very beautiful. No laminate, chipboard or other artificial material will not replace natural wood. From the point of view of aesthetics and environmental safety, this is the best option. Now a lot of companies make kitchens to order from an array. True, there is a minus of such furniture, this is its price. Of all materials, this is the most expensive. Not everyone can afford it. We all know very well that the kitchen is such a place in the house where each of us spends the most time, not counting the bedrooms, culinary masterpieces are created here, guests are gathering here, we eat and rest here. Therefore, the requirements for kitchen furniture are always high. We want the furniture to be pleasing and be safe, and there will be kitchens from the array. Of course, beauty requires sacrifices, in addition to the price, such a kitchen requires special conditions, such furniture should be in a dry room, which is well ventilated, the temperature should not go beyond +15 to +25 degrees Celsius. Air humidity should not be above 60% and there should not be direct sunlight. All these factors can adversely affect your beautiful furniture, it can lose an attractive appearance, it can cheat, lose brilliance, etc. If your kitchen meets storage conditions, feel free to order such furniture and you will not regret. When ordering, pay attention to the fittings that will be used in the kitchen. It is necessary to bet on quality, not on the price. High -quality accessories will not only last a long time, and will not annoy you with a creak and breakdowns, it will also add comfort and convenience in using furniture. So, for example, set the loops for self -driving, with gas shock absorbers that will not give the door to rattle when you close it and quietly let the door to the final position, this will be especially useful if you have a large family and prepare it at night or early in the morning, so Do not wake anyone a knocked door. The guide boxes are better to take complete advance, which are also silent, allow the box to advance to the full depth and withstand the larger weight of the box. Accessories are really important!

Let us a little consider the rules for caring for wood arrays. Light contaminants are removed using a dry napkin, I use a flannel, velvet, silk that is very soft and do not damage the varnish. Cleaning more complex contaminants is carried out with the help of funds, on a wax -based basis, products containing alcohol, solvents are unacceptable. They can damage the varnish coating of the facade, which will cause speedy aging and failure of furniture from an array of wood.

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