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DIY plastic windows repair

by dublindecor

PVC windows are installed today in most apartments. Equipment is reliable and durable. However, problems with its operation sometimes still arise. In this article, we consider ways to eliminate various problems of PVC structures with your own hands.

Problems with fittings

Most often, handles break in modern euro cases. In the event that they stopped turning easily, began to creak and click should simply carefully clean the fittings and grease it with machine oil. Sometimes the pen is completely jammed in a position down. To correct the situation and close the sash, you need to press the locking tongue in the direction of the seal. After that, the pen can be easily turned.

Sometimes this element for some reason needs to be replaced. In this case, the plate located at the base of the handle is rotated by 90 grams. Next, all the screws are unscrewed. After that, take out the handle and put in its place a new.

Replacing the seal

The seal in any case must be changed from time to time. If you start to be through the windows, you should remove the old cord, purchase exactly the same in the store and install it in place in the groove, trying not to pull it. In order to perform this operation, you will need to remove the sash. Pre -remove decorative pads from loops. Next, knock out the upper pin and, raising the sash, remove it from the lower.

Replacing the double -glazed window

Broken glass is perhaps the most serious nuisance that can happen to the PVC window. Of course, in such a situation it is worth contacting professionals. But if desired and confidence in your own strength, it is worth trying to replace the double -glazed windows on your own. You can, of course, change only cracked glass. However, in this case, in the future inside the double -glazed window, the yellow flow will most likely form. The fact is that silicogel is applied to the side plates of PVC windows that promotes air drying. In the event that the tightness of the package is broken for a while, this material is saturated with moisture, ceases to perform its functions, and begins to drain in the form of a yellow resin.

To dismantle the double -glazed window, it will be necessary to insert a chisel between the glazing and the profile and separate it with the neat blows of the rubber hammer. Thus, all the elements holding the package are removed – first long, then short. All work is best done with the assistant. The new double -glazed window is installed on the Richthoi plates. For a deaf sash, they are mounted only below. For the opening – both below and above, at a distance of 10 cm from the angles diagonally relative to each other. The lower plate should be located from the side of the loop. Then a double -glazed window is inserted into the sash and fixed with glazing.

With minor breakdowns of accessories in the call of specialists there is absolutely no need. Most of these problems can be solved independently in a few minutes. The replacement of the double -glazed window should be entrusted to the professional. Do this work with your own hands is worth only in the most extreme cases.

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