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Laying of solid boards on concrete slabs

by dublindecor

Making sure that the room is fully prepared for the laying of parquet, or rather – solid wood, you can safely proceed to work on the creation of the base, which will lie covering. First you need to create a moisture-vapor barrier, with which you can easily separate materials that are dissimilar in structure, which undoubtedly include wood and concrete. Laying of solid boards on concrete floors is carried out with the use of a special primer or mastic, which is based on polyethylene foam. Mastic should be applied with a special roller.

In the case where it is necessary to dilute the mastic to the desired consistency, a solvent is used. The film is laid on the surface in several ways. The first method is a small overlap, and the second – the careful joining of cloths. Two types of decking can be used to create a base. This includes the joists and plywood on the screed.

Beams are wooden bars with a rectangular cross-section. Usually planed bars of 50-55 x 70-100 mm size are used for this purpose. When making the beams, the moisture content of the wood must be less than 12%. To fix the joists to the concrete flooring are used screws and dowels, which should be placed with respect to the future coverage in a perpendicular direction at a distance not greater than 50 cm. Heads of screws should be placed 3-4 mm below the level, that is recessed. Between the beams, located next to each other, there should be the axial distance not closer than 25-30 cm.

There are also other options for fixing the board to the joists: bitumen and adhesive mastic. The basis of this technology is the use of primers, which act as a barrier to moisture. Do not forget that the primers and used adhesive composition should be compatible. This is very important, because nowadays the cases of drilling of communications, hidden in the screed, have become quite frequent. With more detailed information on the correct options for attachment can be found on specialized sites, where there are different photos of parquet, laminate and other floor coverings.

Before you start laying solid board, you need to level the beams, paying attention to the fact that the limit deviation should not be more than 2 mm per 2 m. To reduce energy loss in the room and significantly increase soundproofing, the empty space between the beams is filled with insulation. Before laying the floor, the moisture-proof foil is put on top of the joists and then fixed with brackets, and then you can start laying solid wood floor.

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