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Repair of the stairs

by dublindecor

Any thing wears out over time and requires repair. If your old, once a beautiful staircase dilapidated, its steps creak and came across-then it’s time to update it. At first glance, this work may seem very time -consuming and it seems that you can’t do it? We will give recommendations that will help you repair the stairs with your own hands. And if you use a milling cutter to remove paint, then the work will be simple. This tool will help easily and quickly remove the old layer of paint, significantly save your time, money and effort. This tool can be rented. Before removing varnish or paint, it is necessary to remove all the nails that can damage some parts of the milling. Nails that cannot be removed must be driven deeper, using a decection. The paint, which is located in the corners of the stairs and along its edges, is removed by a manual sharp scraper. This will simplify the work by a milling. The steps are milling, removing the thin layer to a wooden surface, while moving the tool in the direction of wood fibers. In hard -to -reach places, use a grinder.

The next stage of our work is painting and varnishing stairs. In order to create a smooth surface for staining, it is necessary to polish and put it with it. All available cracks on the side edge must be sealed, having previously pasted the adhesive tape on the cheek of the stairs and on the wall. Use acrylic putty, which will then make up well. Gently align the seam with your finger. Add a putty if necessary. Then paint the approaches and cheek of the stairs. In this case, the paint should not fall on the steps themselves. Better cover them with something. Varnishing brush should be of high quality. Varnish in three layers. For the repair of the stairs with your own hands, you will need the following materials and tools: sandpaper, painting tape, acrylic putty, acrylic mass for seams, water -soluble semi -material lacquer for the floor, alkyd paint, completely covering, lacquer, hand -made scraper, grinding machine, grinding machine. What coating to choose so that the repair of the stairs with your own hands is high -quality and reliable, and the view of the stairs delights you for a long time.

Water -soluble stairs varnish will help create a very stable surface. However, it will turn on it after a certain time. Its advantage is that such a surface does not require regular care. Over time, the varnish will be echoed and the surface will be polished and treated.

With the help of oil, you can create a beautiful surface. But it will darken over time. Oil is recommended for stairs made of solid wood. After 2-3 years, the surface of the stairs is again covered with oil. With the help of stains of different tones, the surface of the stairs is made under an oak or walnut. To do this, it is diluted in oil. In order for the surface of the stairs to be resistant to damage, it is covered with a stain and varnish. Thus, you see that it is not difficult to repair the stairs with your own hands, it is worth making a little effort and your old staircase will find a new life.

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