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Residential lease agreement

by dublindecor

If you are going to settle in rental housing, you should seriously think about how you will build relationships with the owner of the rented apartment.

Practice shows that one of the main reasons why tenants decide to change housing is conflicting relations with the owners. In order not to get into such a situation, you should correctly and carefully draw up a rental contract, in which the rights and obligations of the parties should be prescribed as detailed as possible.

Even before the contract, it should be found out whether the person who gives housing is really the owner. Recently, a fraudulent scheme began to meet in the field of rental of Moscow and near Moscow housing, in which the apartment is not rented by the apartment, but another tenant, who rented an object at a minimum price and leases it at a much higher cost. So, for example, you can find an apartment on the announcement of Zelenograd, pay the cost of residence a few months in advance, and after a while the real owner may appear, for whom you are an outsider who has settled in his apartment illegally. Other schemes associated with the fake of the ownership document are possible, therefore, in this matter, one should be extremely careful.

The contract must be taken into account the various requirements of the owner for the tenant, and it is also necessary to indicate that in addition to the prescribed norms, the owner cannot impose additional restrictions during the residence of the residence. If the owner wants residents to completely subjugate his lifestyle to his requirements, let him immediately present it in writing. In this case, the tenant has a chance to think well whether to pay for housing in which it is impossible to feel free. One of the main points provided for in the document of relations between the parties is the owner of the dubric keys from the housing delivery. Some experienced tenants require the owner to give all the keys to the rent, and, accordingly, does not have the opportunity to enter the apartment in the absence of residents.You can conclude an agreement in an agency that helped to choose an object of lease. However, here it must be borne in mind that most agencies offer their customers to sign standard template options for the contract. They are quite suitable as a document, but only if you supplement them with a detailed description of the conditions of the conditions put forward by both sides.

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