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Roof. Installation of metal tiles

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Covering the roofs of buildings with a metal tile, having gained quite a lot among builders, is not going to concede the “conquered” positions. This is not surprising, because the roof of metal tiles has a very catchy look, a small specific gravity, moreover, it is easy to install and economical.

Interested in this issue, we decided to turn to specialists, and those who already had to cover the roofs of houses with a metal tile. We decided to share the information received with you, in the hope that if you decide to do the installation of the roof of your home, or any other house, this material, they will be able to come in handy.

The obligatory angle of inclination when laying a metal tile should be at least 14 degrees. As usual, the installation of the roof begins with the laying of the rafters. The approximate size of the board used for rafters must have a section of 200 mm per 50 mm, the distance between the rafters should correspond to the width of the sheets of insulation.

When mounting the “cake’ roof, first of all, waterproofing is laid on the rafter “legs’, with a margin along the edges of 10 cm. Lay it up strictly observing the attached instructions. Waterproofing is designed to remove moisture and condensate formed under a metal tile. It is recommended to glue the joints of waterproofing left on the joints of waterproofing with tape.

Now, you need to nail the counterbruks along each rafter “leg”, leaving the gaps between them in a checkerboard pattern. After that, a crate is nailed to the bars. The first lower board of the crate is nailed along the lower edge of the end of the counterates. The next board of the crate is nailed above the rafters, at a distance of 30 cm, in order to, if necessary, be able to release the first sheet of the metal tile a little forward to supply the drainage. The rest of the boards are attached at a distance of 35 cm, up the rafters.

When installing metal tiles, at first, the mounting bar is attached. Then the first sheet is laid. Metal tile is laid from the bottom up. The first lower leaf of tiles is attached by self -tapping screws in the center of each wave, in the lowest part of it. The upper row of screws in the first sheet is twisted with passes, through the wave. When laying a second leaf of tiles, it should lie in a wave in a wave, with an overlap. Now, both sheets are fixed with self -tapping screws at the same time. Here, in fact, are all the foundations of this installation.

We wish you successful construction.

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