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Seamless stretch ceilings fabric

by dublindecor

Fabric seamless stretch ceilings are the best solution for creating comfort in any room. They will not only emphasize the design of the interior, but also pleasantly delight with their practicality. The main difference between tissue stretch ceilings and other PVC-polls is that they have a knitted material structure. The width of fabric ceilings is 5 meters, which allows you to cover most of the rooms with a whole piece.

Fabric ceilings have all quality certificates, so they can be safely installed even in medical institutions and kindergartens. These ceilings will not emit the smell, and the fabric does not contain harmful substances. They are very practical. Fabric ceilings do not let water out as a result of flooding from above. They are installed without high temperatures and without the use of gas equipment, so you do not need to remove anything from the rooms, which is also very convenient. With the help of tissue ceilings, you can favorably hide the disadvantages of the old ceiling, electrical wiring, joints of the floor slabs and at the same time achieve the perfect sound insulation of the room. Thanks to the antistatic effect, the ceilings will not attract dust to themselves. Any detergent is suitable for washing seamless fabrices. And with mechanical damage (for example, puncture), the material does not diverge further, which makes it even more profitable.

Along with practicality, the beauty of tissue seamless stretch ceilings is admired. You can apply any image or decorate them with paints. There are no joints and seams in seamless tissue ceilings, which distinguishes them from the total mass of stretch ceilings. And, importantly, throughout the entire service life, the ceilings retain the original white color, which, if necessary, can even be repainted.

Stretch ceiling fabric seamless elastic. They can give them any, even the most complex form. They are frost -resistant, so they can be put even in unheated rooms. Due to its strength, fabric ceilings can be used as a panel. And the advantage of fabric canvases over finished products is that you can apply any pattern to their surface, thereby harmoniously supplement the existing interior.

A guarantee for seamless fabric ceilings 12 years, but with proper operation they will last much longer. Therefore, it is these ceilings that are ideal for inexpensive, fast and high -quality ceiling repair in any room.

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