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Stages of cosmetic repair of the apartment and technology of work

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The concept of cosmetic repair of the apartment means several technological steps aimed at updating the interior without labor-intensive and expensive processes. In this kind of repair the alignment of the surface of walls and ceilings is not carried out, no concrete screed is poured, no partitions are dismantled. Nevertheless, a simple cosmetic repair is quite capable of changing the appearance of the apartment, giving it a newness and freshness. Begin the repair, first of all necessary with the removal, if possible, all the furniture. If there is no such a possibility, it is desirable to group the furniture in one place, so that it is easier to move it. Then it is necessary to remove all decorative elements – pictures, curtains, cornices, wall panels, shelves, mirrors, decorative plates, etc. д. It is also desirable to remove the front covers of outlets and switches (be sure to de-energize the electrical wiring before this procedure), and close the boxes with scotch tape. To preserve the surface of the floor (if you do not plan to replace the flooring) it is necessary to cover it with film or cardboard from the packages. Finishing details that are not subject to removal is better to glue the masking tape so as not to scratch the decorative layer. This applies, for example, to the baseboard. If the walls are wallpapered or painted – it is necessary to carry out appropriate dismantling work. As a rule, wallpaper is easy enough to remove, you just need to pick up the edge of the trowel and pull the cloth. But there are difficult cases when the wallpaper comes off in pieces. Most often this happens with old paper wallpaper. To facilitate the work, you should first use a roller to wet the wall, wait until the paper gets wet, and then, using the same spatula, scrape the wallpaper from the surface. To remove the whitewash you need a scraper, which scrapes off the pre-wetted paint layer. But it is impossible to remove water-based paint using such method, so it will be enough to clean the surface covered with such paint from flaking. The preparatory phase on this stage can be considered complete. Now it is necessary to visually assess the degree of damage to all surfaces. The first to repair the ceiling. It must be cleaned of dirt and dust. If the ceiling there are cracks, chips and other defects, they must be filled with putty or alabaster, primed damaged areas beforehand. Next, after scraping the places of sealing with fine sandpaper, it is necessary to treat the entire surface with primer. Then, to even out the plane of the ceiling and the final touches of small cracks, apply a layer of finishing putty. Let the layer to dry and also treat the abrasive mesh with a fine mesh (for the wall for wallpapering suit № 40, for the painted surface – № 200). Having achieved the necessary flatness of the ceiling, you can start painting or wallpapering. Similar operations need to be carried out with the walls. If on their surface there are quite large cracks, then before puttying them must be glued with fiberglass for better retention of the putty layer. Application of those or other technological repair processes will depend on the type of final finishing of the walls. For surfaces intended for pasting vinyl wallpaper, it will be enough to putty problem areas, wipe down with emery cloth and apply primer over the entire surface of the wall. But under the paper wallpaper is required to apply a continuous layer of finishing putty, otherwise the raw areas will differ significantly from the treated, that through the paper will be very visible. If the walls are supposed to paint, then the preliminary work must be carried out more carefully, because a thin layer of paint will not be able to cover all the defects on the surface of the wall. Wallpapering is carried out in accordance with the instructions printed on each roll. Canvases are cut in strips 5 – 7 cm longer than the required size. This is necessary for the fitting pattern. Glue is used strictly recommended for the chosen type of wallpaper. Otherwise, the adhesion of canvases with the wall can simply not happen. The first thing to do before pasting – to draw a vertical line from the floor to the ceiling exactly on the plumb line, which will stick the first cloth. Wallpaper is glued butt joints without an overlap. Trimming glued cloths should be carried out, giving them a little dry up. This operation is performed with a sharp wallpaper knife and a metal ruler or a broad spatula. The main thing during wallpapering work – it is to ensure the absence of draughts, otherwise all the work could be in vain, and the wallpaper will simply peel off the walls. For painting walls, acrylic water-based paint is suitable, which is applied with a roller with a medium pile, and hard-to-reach places are painted with a fluted brush with soft bristles. To obtain an even surface is enough to apply three coats of paint. Depending on the decor, the paint can be tinted with special dyes. The paint itself is chosen depending on the functional purpose of the room. For kitchens and bathrooms a special washable paint is available, the process of application is no different from the usual. Also, cosmetic repairs may require painting doors, window frames and heating radiators. For the latter, there are special paints that can withstand high temperatures. These procedures are carried out last and are the final step in renovating the appearance of the apartment. That’s how, without much cost, you can make cosmetic repairs and make your home nice and cozy for many years to come. And if you do not want to go into detail, call the company “21 Century Saint-Petersburg” and they will perform cosmetic repairs of apartments professionally and inexpensively. 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