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The better to insulate the house: Professional tips

by dublindecor

Foam concrete blocks, or otherwise they can be called foam blocks, are used to build external walls with a thickness of 400-500 mm. Such masonry is directly for finishing. But sometimes the wall of foam blocks 300-400 mm is additionally isolated from the outside, before decorative finishes.

Porous concrete blocks were developed in order to ensure good heat preservation in houses. Of the positive properties of the material, it should also be noted, durability. On concrete blocks does not have a negative effect of precipitation, mold and fungus. Foam blocks are able to remove damp from the room. Since the material contains non -combustible components that are a high degree of fire resistance.

The advantage of the walls built of foam blocks is that they form condensation, which, when arranging a layer wall of the wall, does not occur inside the insulation, which increases thermal conductivity, humidity, relaxation of plaster and other adverse phenomena. When considering these phenomena, the device of the ventilated facade helps. The construction of buildings with walls from foam blocks of a single -layer type avoids such complexity in the process, since the norms and rules of sanitary nature are not violated.

Erected walls from foam blocks, in their physical qualities, equates to the walls of wooden houses, but the cost of a log house is slightly larger. But if you use a tree for building a house in the future, you can save on heaters. In the end, a wooden house is considered the warmest of the existing buildings.

The disadvantage of the walls of foam blocks is reduced strength, so that these walls require strengthening with reinforced concrete elements to distribute the load. Among other things, the walls of foam blocks can crack under direct humidity in poorly shut -up joints. When the water freezes, it can lead to the destruction of the wall, but high -quality facade cladding allows you to easily solve this problem.

Brick also perfectly withstands additional loads associated with the use of any cladding. Is it a natural stone or plaster. For the outer view of the house to become more attractive, it can also clad it with excellent brick. A brick house is stronger than houses built only from foam blocks.

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