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The selection of equipment and the implementation of the Smart House system

by dublindecor

One of the most advanced achievements in housing construction is the endowment of buildings by intellect. Many owners seek to automate their housing, installing a set of systems that simplify life.

Automated smart home will not only help to perform some household matters, but also clean the roof, fill the pool, warm the sauna, air the room, etc.D. During the lack of owners, he will periodically turn on and turn off the light and music, imitating the presence of people. You no longer have to worry about engineering protection, since even with a small leak of water, the system will inform the owner or eliminate the problem itself.

However, even perfect housing has disadvantages: smart houses are very difficult to supplement and modernize, since it is necessary to reprogram all the equipment completely. Intellectual housing has five main management systems. These include a security system, lighting and electrical equipment control, climate control systems, household appliances, water supply and sewage.

The cost of the equipment depends on the complexity of work, the electric process and the brand of equipment. Due to the fact that the smart home technology is built individually, taking into account what options the owner wants to have, its cost is quite expensive. The size of the room practically does not affect the price, since identical equipment can be put on any area.

In the total cost, a small percentage is the cost of connecting cables. In this regard, it is easier and more advisable to introduce an integrated system in cottages and country houses. The fact is that all communications are autonomous there, so it is easier to connect them. In apartment buildings, it is necessary to develop an electric project, take into account the overall communication system, etc.D. That is, if we consider the possibility of introducing intellectual equipment at large facilities, it is better for them to equip cottages, not apartments.

Despite the fact that modern technologies are far from mass use, at present, the demand for smart houses is gradually increasing. The most popular is the equipment of buildings with intelligence systems in the liability sector, however, the demand for them is gradually growing among owners of middle -class houses. In the latter case, the average order cost is reduced due to the use of low -price equipment equipment.

Integrated intellectual systems in economy class housing are practically not introduced. The exception is the security alarm and water leakage sensors.

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