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Types and types of children’s photo wallpaper

by dublindecor

In modern society, a stereotype has developed that the murals are a large piece of paper with a bright picture, an elegant collage that must be glued to one of the walls of the room with a single canvas. In fact, wallpaper with a bright elegant pattern can be offered to customers in various types and types.

The first point that needs to be taken into account is the material of the manufacture of photo wallpaper. Today, children’s pictures on the wall are sold on a paper basis, denser on a non -woven basis. The paper base is the most environmentally friendly and safe. Such murals https: // Chameleons.UA/Photo/Detskie is preferably used for a baby’s room, for preschool children.

However, paper should not be used in new houses that can be shrinkable. Since a crack may appear on the walls. Paper wallpapers will not withstand complex operational loads, since they do not have a firmness for gap. The picture can burst and deform, which is undesirable.

Non -woven murals are elastic, dense to break. Even with a total shrinkage of a multi -storey building, when deformation of the wall, the wallpaper will remain in its original form. This moment must be taken into account when choosing murals.

Features of models

For the buyer today, children’s murals are presented:


self -adhesive,

For the ceiling,

On the door,

In a niche,


For example, if the murals are offered for gluing on the door, then they have the corresponding sizes. This is not a huge collage consisting of several parts, but a compactly elongated roll with a thematic image.

Some murals are made by a single canvas. And before gluing them on the wall, it is necessary to make a special marking, indicate four corners with a pencil, with which the corners of the photo wallpaper should be in contact.

Separate specimens, for example, large sizes, wall panels, as a rule, can consist of 2, 4, 6, 8 and even 10 parts. It is difficult to glue such murals with a single cloth due to large dimensions. Before the installation, the wall is marked, drawn into cells, into which individual elements of the panel are glued, forming a single canvas with a beautiful image.

Volumetric paintings

These are the so -called stereoscopic murals for children that look as realistic as possible. Such a picture may depict a machine entering the center of the room, a fabulous rhino that is trying to break into a nursery, an aquarium with chic dolphins, around which multi -colored fish, smoothies swim far from a snow -white staircase and other similar volumetric paintings.

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