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We lay the paving slabs with our own hands

by dublindecor

You want your courtyard to look attractive, and are ready to take an active part in creating beauty? Then why not try to lay the paving slabs yourself? You can do this classically, or you can try to lay out the pattern – everything is out of will and in the name of a good mood.

First of all, we need high -quality garden tiles. The best sidewalk tile is offered at favorable prices from the manufacturer. Here you can purchase this option for paving roads of any type and with different patterns. Paving slabs Sale of which are offered in a large price range – is the best possibility of paving paths for landscape design of a house or cottage.

So, first, consider the territory. There are bumps? This is not a hindrance, because you can make paths with a slope or steps connecting the house and household buildings.

What next? Of course, we need a sketch, a sketch of the upcoming work. It is important to calculate and take into account everything here: more material will go on circular patterns or diagonal placement of stones than parallel; On areas with a larger load (from garage to gate) you need tiles thicker – up to 5.5 cm., as well as strengthening a layer of gravel; On the so -called pedestrian part of the path, you can use the tile with a thickness of 4cm.

Regarding the process itself – you can lay the tile on the basis of sand or on the basis of cement. In the first case, the path will turn out “mobile” – you can disassemble it, and then assemble it again, but in a more liked place. Practical advice – if the soil in the yard is unstable, put a layer of gravel under the tile. And do not forget about the enemy of good masonry – rain water, so take care of the drainage trays.

If you want a “path” – a path at a level of earth, this will require additional efforts – exactly to remove the upper ball of the earth along the width of the future path to a depth of 20 cm. Then pour half the depth of crushed stone and rest. And you look forward to the result.

Then you need to put a layer of sand and compact it, then make a screed for the evenness of the working surface, and when the base is ready, proceed to install the border. Here again as you want – either above the level of the path, or not. So, dig enough depths with a trench and fill it with a solution of cement, “plant” a concrete fence on it and spill the cement into the voids and fall asleep the dry mixture. And now you are waiting for the stage of laying tiles. Start work from the curb, laid the tiles “from yourself” so as not to violate the basis as much as possible. Put a row – press your hands. Sits tightly? Tap it carefully with rubber clay and do not forget to ensure that the level of the tile remains the same in all areas. It is important to maintain a distance of 3-5 mm between the plates, then you will fill the seams with a mixture of sand and cement in a 1:10 proportion, and pull the entire tile with such a dry mixture. So you will prevent the germination of weeds on the track.

So now everything is ready. After some time, excess sand can be removed, and now your yard decorates the path already laid out with your own hand.

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