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Construction of a concrete pool on the site

by dublindecor

The device of the pool, like any extension – part of a country house, requires a serious and economically sound approach. Design and construction of a sauna with a turnkey cottage pool is one of the directions of our company.

The issue of building a bath, pool, pond in a summer cottage occurs, as a rule, in the summer. Important aspects of construction work, in addition to the price, are the timing of their execution and maintaining a comfortable stay for the customer.

Technologies for the construction of a pool of concrete in the country

Photo: Building a concrete bowl of pool

There are 2 execution options – prefabricated (frame) and stationary (concrete) pools. A frame structure is built under the frame pool. Such an extension can be part of a country house, or a separate element of a summer cottage. But the real pool is equipped in a special room where engineering communications (water supply, heating, ventilation) are poured, poured with concrete and equipped with modern equipment for filtering, chlorination or ozonation of water, drainage systems.

Putor Cottage Project in New Moscow

Under Antonovka, our company performed the engineering stage of the construction of the pool, the size of 25 square meters. m, with a changing depth from 0.3 to 2.5 m. Order “turnkey”, included the choice of a place, digging a pit, engineering support, construction of walls, roofing and finishing work. The price and term were determined by the availability of additional equipment (air conditioners, drainers, etc.).

Our experts were faced with the following tasks: design period (0.5 years) and estimated calculation (14 thousand/per square meter. m); finishing the bowl with mosaic tiles; Fastenies of corrugated board to concrete for floor ceramic coatings; minimizing interference for vacationers in a country house; cleanliness and climatic comfort indoors.

An important stage was the development of details in planning construction. Delivery of asbestos -cement pipes and reinforcement fee, preparation of solutions (cement, mixtures) from sand and concrete, building blocks and bricks, selection of slate and facing tiles. But the main factor in compliance with the basin construction technology was to improve the quality of concrete itself.

Conditions for improving the quality of concrete

In the construction of modern buildings and structures for various purposes, concrete, perhaps, occupies the most important place. Only with the use of high -quality concrete mixture can a reliable and durable building or structure be built. If a reliable design is required, then a high -grade concrete is chosen. For Moscow and the Moscow region, they recommend choosing concrete produced by a local plant for our company. Manufacturer – Supplier Structure Interior Repair, will deliver concrete to anywhere in the Moscow region at an affordable price and in the shortest possible time.

As a type of building material, concrete belongs to a group of universal building materials. But there are nuances that should not be discounted. One of these subtleties is the operation of the vibration of the concrete mixture. When working with concrete, friction processes between the elements that are part of the mixture occur in it, which negatively affects the quality of construction. To neutralize these undesirable processes of lower quality, the vibration of the mixture is used. The vibration process reduces the friction of water with concrete elements and significantly dilutes the structure of the mixture. Laying the liquefied mixture is much easier. As a result, the construction becomes better, the time of the technological process is significantly reduced.

The main element when vibrating concrete will be the frequency of vibration. The value of the vibration frequency depends on the value of fillers in the concrete mixture. There are many expert opinions on how to choose the vibration frequency, but everyone converges in one thing that is best done with this procedure with a mixture in a group of different frequencies. Friction, which occurs in the concrete mixture, is caused by the interaction of water and the material itself. For better laying of concrete, vibration is necessary. The strength and durability of the entire building will depend on the correctness of laying to a greater extent. Lighting the concrete mixture with vibrations allows us to simplify the laying process and thus, the material can easily penetrate any surface.

At the BSU No. 5 concrete plant, one of our suppliers, they produce concrete of all popular brands. You will definitely find here what you need. Do not forget that the strength and reliability of the constructed objects depend on the quality of the concrete used. If you do not want to spend money on repairs in the future, choose only quality products.

Fast and high -quality construction without interference – turnkey service

In the company Stroy Interior, Repair offers favorable prices and short periods of execution of extensions for country houses and cottages. The device of pools, ponds, spa, baths, arbor barbecue, winter gardens are produced without violating the amenities of summer residents and gives them pleasant minutes of enjoying a suburban life. During the design, modern turnkey buildings are used, the optimal location is selected

The customer is supplied to the most modern engineering equipment for supplying water and heat, cleaning and air conditioning. Interior decoration is carried out both according to standard and individual design projects. Experienced specialists qualifiedly install lamps, mini-gorks, etc. Animated accessories.

The embodiment of a dream – a high -tech and inexpensive pool in the country, becomes a reality with us!

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