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Features of the manufacturing technology of profiled glued beams

by dublindecor

In the wooden house building market, you can most often find the offers of houses, which are collected from special profiles of glued beams. What are our builders so much attracted in this building material? Let’s give you an answer together by considering for this a number of features of the entire technology for the production of timber.It is most often used for the production of profiled timber beams precisely precisely conifers of wood, in particular such as larch and pine. Uses the supplier that wood that was subject to cutting in the winter, so that there was as little moisture in the tree. It is these requirements that are put forward by the most experienced manufacturers of glued beam. In the process of building houses made of wood, you always need to remember the fire safety of the house, and therefore you should think about being stocking up with fire extinguishers, buy a fire fighting alarm.

From the logs, then they get boards that are subjected to special drying in drying chambers. Boards are much easier to dry than a beam in general. So, the tree loses about 90 percent of the water, which greatly increases all indicators of the quality of the future lumber. After the board is discussed, it is necessarily checked for the presence of various defects, such as cracks or knots. After all the shortcomings of the tree are completely removed, the tree is treated with special antiseptic agents and antipyrens. It is antiseptics that can protect the tree as well as possible, and also protect against various kinds of wood pests. The use of antipyrene reduces the risk of fire fire in the future.

The board, after a series of such simple procedures, becomes part of the beam, and is called Lamel. The lamellas are further formed in the beam, and at the same time, of course, they are well smeared with glue. The process of gluing under a very difficult press occurs. The composition of the special composition is used as glue, which connects the most firm liner and dries during the day. All processing is chemical, which will be used in the process of performing the processing of the beam, always comply with the international quality standard. Only thanks to this, most owners of the house made of such material can be sure that nothing threatens their health, because it is not permissible in terms of standards for the use of substances that are toxic or harmful to human health.

The main and most important stage in the production of the beam is to profiling it. The beam, thanks to this, acquires precisely the form that he needs to carry out construction work. The whole profiling process is a fitting pre -glued beam to order to get the detail that is required for work.

A beam, after all the procedures described above, is ready to use. Thanks to such stages of production, the beam acquires truly unique properties that it is not typical to gather in whole. At home, which is made of such building material, from sound, moisture and cold, the most reliable way is protected.

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