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Features of wiring in a wooden house.

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Features of wiring in a wooden house

More and more people get tired of rich urban life and move to villages, to wooden houses in environmentally friendly areas. But modern life is already unthinkable without electricity.

To avoid fire, the wiring laid in a wooden house must be mounted taking into account all the norms and rules, so moving to the house inherited to avoid problems, it is better to replace the entire wiring, because if you do not know when it was laid and where it is and where it is outputs, it will be difficult to find a source of fire or break.

Wiring requirements in a wooden house

Cables must have a reserve for a load of at least 30%. All wiring should be in a special non -combustible shell that withstands mechanical effects. Cables need to be hidden, but there should be easy access to the compound for inspection and, if necessary, repair. In addition, be sure to install protective devices to save your wiring from overload and the ability to close. And for devices with high power, it is better to provide a separate branch, sockets in the kitchen require separate lines from electrical panel.

To protect the cables, they are inserted into special corrugated hoses, which can be bought together with electric wires. But take care of the choice of the material from which they are made. Your choice will depend on such a factor as the characteristics of the electric cable that you purchase. But in general, for domestic use, quite inexpensive and widespread plastic corrugation.

Elepensor in a wooden house should be carried out correctly, so before starting work it is better to consult with electricians in order to choose the desired type of cable, corrugation, RCD and other necessary devices. An electrician will make you an estimate, prices for electrical work you can also stipulate with him. In the event that you do not have at least basic knowledge about electricity, it is better to entrust this work to specialists.

If you understand the electric networks and received advice from an experienced specialist, then you can safely start creating a plan of future communications. When you have a finished scheme in your hands, proceed. Make wiring, lay cables, install boxes and connect the RCD and so on. After completing the installation, invite the master to yourself so that he checks the correct installation and eliminate possible inaccuracies. And when you are sure that everything is right, enjoy life with the benefits of civilization in the bosom of nature.

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