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House in the garden

by dublindecor

Of course, there is always a lot of work on the summer cottage, but I want to come and relax. Therefore, a residential building is simply necessary. Of course, you can hire specialists and they will carry out any project, but you can, and build a wonderful house with your own hands.

A wonderful and cozy house can be folded from galbed logs with a diameter of 18 cm. Bring the material, soak with an antiseptic, to protect wood and start work.

Between logs it is better to lay a pressed pacli, and sheathe the corners with boards, then it will be less blowing and spoil the wood. Windows can be inserted and wooden, but plastic. They will last longer and do not require special care. The platbands can also be cut independently and attached to the self -players of wood carvings on the platbands will look very appropriate.

It is better to make the roof of the house high, this will allow you to make an additional room in the attic. And in winter, such a roof will not let the snow rest. For roofing, you can use profiled sheets. It is nice to attach a veranda with windows to the house. This will add light and comfort.

You can decorate the veranda by hanging flowers planted in a pot. Also, to create comfort, you can use pots and flowerpots with flowers. With the onset of cold weather, they can simply be transferred to the house.

The ceiling can be pasted with ceiling slabs or use PVC panels. The walls of the house are not necessary to overtake something, they can simply be picked up and painted. Linoleum is perfect on the floor.

If you need to divide the room, then you need to use partitions, but you can not do this. This will make it possible to see both guests and children, you can communicate with everyone freely. Well, of course, the sleeping place needs to be separated, so that there is an opportunity to relax calmly.

Heating is needed in the house. To do this, you can fold the stove. She will be able to warm up the room and you can cook on it. It must be done according to all the rules, with a chimney. To do this, it is better to hire specialists, in order to avoid unforeseen problems. To make the stove look beautiful, it can be covered with tiles from bottom to top.

The house was built, it remains to solve problems with amenities. If the house is used for living, mainly in the summer, then there is no need to make a toilet and shower in the house. This can be arranged in a separate building. It will not be difficult to build a small wooden room.

In such a house you can perfectly accommodate the whole family and spend excellent vacation in nature.

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