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Kitchen finishing with ceramic tiles: pros and cons of

by dublindecor

Ceramic tiles can be considered a classic type of kitchen finish. Many owners of apartments and houses use it in this capacity. It’s all about its special properties that practically no one can boast of, even the most modern material. Comparison here can only be carried out with porcelain tiles. However, the latter costs more and is used mainly only for flooring. The tiles are both floor and wall, and therefore can be considered a universal finish. What advantages does it still have, and what are the disadvantages. Consider this further in the article.

The main advantages

– Hygiene. For the kitchen, this is an important advantage. After all, food is prepared and accepted here, and therefore everything should be just sterile. It is very simple to take care of this material – it easily wipes with an ordinary damp sponge. Therefore, often it is by ceramics that the wall behind the gas stove is finished;

– Moisture resistance. Such tiles are absolutely not afraid of water. Decorating the walls near the sink is a very good solution;

– Wear resistance. If the owners do not knock on the wall with a hammer and drop very heavy solid items on the floor, this design will last for more than one decade;

– Aesthetics. Modern manufacturers produce material of various colors and textures. The floor version, for example, can be made “under the stone”, “under the tree”, “under the skin of the reptile”, etc.D. As for the wall option, if you wish, you can even buy seamless tiles that will look like a continuous surface;

– The relative simplicity of installation. You can cope with a certain share of dexterity with the installation of such a design and independently, without spending funds on lending specialists.

Cons of ceramics

Now consider the few disadvantages of this material:

– Ceramics beats. However, manufacturers are constantly improving the characteristics of the material in this regard, and therefore its modern types are strong enough;

– Bad sound and heat-preserving characteristics. No need to apply such a design where the warmth of the surface and the absence of noise are important. But for the kitchen, these parameters are insignificant.

Thus, ceramics can be considered just an excellent finish, practical and aesthetic at the same time. Low cost also makes it one of the most popular types of kitchen walls and ceilings.

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