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Large furniture for a small room

by dublindecor

What is the difference between a small apartment from chic, huge apartments? The number of “useful” areas on which you can implement all design ideas and solutions. No repairs, none of the techniques of “visual” expansion of space will make it anymore in reality. Therefore, to solve the issues of the situation, decoration elements and the general organization of space will have to be in existing conditions. A bunch of small, scattered interior items can be replaced with one to two large, but multifunctional ones, which will help to significantly save space.

Increasingly, owners of small-sized apartments, when choosing upholstered furniture, prefer large-sized interior items. When buying a new soft headset, the choice is increasingly falling on the sofas of the corner, despite their impressive dimensions and large forms. This is explained quite simply, since this interior item performs many functions, and also solves many problems. For example, in the conditions of a small one -room apartment or a small summer cottage room, he successfully copes with the functional responsibilities of the sleeping bed. It is enough just to push it overnight, and in the afternoon it is easy and quickly assembled to its original position. Therefore, an additional bed is not required, and in collected form it is not as bulky as a full -fledged sleeping place.

However, if the bedroom is still available, then you can conduct a design experiment with a overall, large furniture there. Usually, the size of such rooms is even smaller, in comparison with living rooms, but here, in your personal space, you can not be shy about. First you need to create all possible conditions for comfortable sleep and relaxation, “sticking” a rather decent bed into the bedroom, preferably a double. But on the size of the “double”, the number of other necessary objects of the situation will depend, which are required to be placed in far from “non -rubber” bedroom.

As in the living room, in the bedroom, you can apply standard methods for organizing space. Given that the main function of the bedroom, that is, the organization of a “sleeping” place, completed the bed, the remaining objects of the situation are not so important. Here you can also do with a minimum classic set, such as a pair of bedside tables, a small chest of drawers with a mirror above it, to simulate the dressing. Well, if possible and a great desire – a payer cabinet where you can store various things. Given the small space of small apartments, do not immediately give up a large, but comfortable furniture. You just need to calculate its functionality in small -sized conditions and make a choice.

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