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Fire safety is a prerequisite for the functioning of the enterprise. Any opening enterprise should undergo a check of the priest, if the GOSTs are not respected and if the room is not equipped with the necessary technical devices, for example, such as AVK hydrants, then with the opening of the institution you will have to wait.

Usually, when we pronounce the word hydrant, the definition of a fireman immediately asks for him. In fact, this is a water-bended column or crane, which are installed on the water supply lines, including for fire purposes: AVK Hydrant Firefire, GOST 8220-85, Max. PN 16. Such a hydrant excludes the reverse flow, it has a design with automatic drainage, but its use with the possibility of manual drainage is not excluded. Used for water and neutral liquids not exceeding the temperature of + 40 ° C. If we talk about its design, then it has an epoxy coating from the inside and outside.

All hydrants are used to spray water, of course, the main goal of spraying is to extinguish fires/fires of different origin and type.

If the hydrant is in standard configuration, then it should be supplied with automatic drain. Then after application there is the possibility of pumping a spilled water in the room. It must be remembered that in winter, if you do not carry out drainage, the water in the equipment can freeze, and this will disable the crane, can even break the hydrant housing.

If we talk about AVK hydrants, they are now one of the most popular brands.


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