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Round bed with your own hands interior and design

by dublindecor

Do you know that some furniture items are faster, easier and cheaper to do it yourself. For example, a round elegant bed with your own hands will probably cost you several times cheaper than about the same example purchased in a furniture salon.

Moreover, it is also that the convenience, appearance, functionality of such an object of the situation will not deteriorate, in comparison with purchased options, which can not be said about external drives that only need to be purchased.

The production of round beds is nothing different from the manufacture of standard catwalks. What is a big plus, since there is experience, as well as numerous guidelines on this issue. But you should know that you, unfortunately, will not be able to move such a bed model from a place.

And now directly to the assembly of such a model suitable for the Bidermaire style.

Preparatory work

First of all, there is a circle on the faner using a meter cord for this purpose. Next, cut the plywood through the intended circle.

A cross is assembled from the bars under a circle, which effectively creates a couple of mutual proper diameters. It is necessary to prepare these crosses: the bottom for the floor and the upper under the bed.

Next, collect them on the corners, and then we fix them to the upper cross, the plywood base, through and through the screws.

Small legs must be cut out of the same bar, the length of which should be approximately three hundred millimeters. They are attached to the corners and connect the crosses among themselves.

Focus of the legs

A few more pieces of large legs, the length of which is already four hundred millimeters evenly distributed around the perimeter, fasten to the base. Then they are attached to the faner in the same way and small legs.

They should be stuck with ribs of stiffness and firmly tightened with corners. So that the ribs of stiffness are tightly adjacent to large legs, they are washed down at an angle, about twenty -two and a half degrees.

This angle is easily elementary, since it is standard when performing “step” backwater. Nevertheless, as an option, you can also determine it using the most ordinary transporter from the penalty of your student.

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