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Business for daily renting your own apartment: how not to burn out?

by dublindecor

Owners of idle apartments receive a stable income from the rental of their real estate. Such a business in the future can provide good profit, given the high demand for objects. But as the market develops, competition is aggravated, which helps to improve the quality of services.

The task of an entrepreneur who is interested in renting apartments for rent in St. Petersburg without intermediaries is to ensure the market for their services. Compete with serious agencies that have residential real estate of varying degrees of comfort, the staff of maids and cleaners, is difficult. But nothing is impossible.

The main advantage of rent without intermediaries is a more democratic price of daily residence. Pricheval mechanism is the main point to which you need to pay attention. It is not worth calculating on one hundred percent loading of the object, since even in the high season it will be idle, on average, 7 ° C 30 days.

Of greatest interest for potential consumers of services is the daily rental of apartments in St. Petersburg with a well-developed infrastructure. The proximity of the metro station, the presence of a concierge, an elevator, clean entrances, a well -maintained adjacent territory increase the demand for real estate.

The location area for many tenants is not a decisive choice of a factor, but if there is a convenient transport interchange. Sleeping areas attract customers with their democratic prices. And in the central part of the city, hotels and hotels are serious competition for rental business.

In modern conditions, the rental of apartments for rent St. Petersburg that provides, should provide the most comfortable accommodation. Therefore, its owner will have to take care of high -quality repair, configuration of living space with all the necessary equipment, dishes, and underwear. To serve the short -term hiring fund, it is advisable to conclude an agreement with the laundry room, hire maids.

As elsewhere, in this business there are risks. One of the main ones is to damage property by clients. In order to further recover damage compensation, the owner of the apartment needs reason. Such a basis is a short -term hiring agreement, in which the obligations and liability of the parties are written out. Without this document, it will be problematic to prove the fact of the client’s residence in the apartment.

Contractual relations are a promising format for the provision of services, since the business of short -term hiring will be forced to switch to a legal position.

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