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How to finish the balcony outside?

by dublindecor

Capital repair of the balcony, necessarily provides for outdoor finishes. It allows you to completely decorate the metal frame, hide defects of remote glazing, and also warm it. Before starting work, it is very important to decide how to finish the balcony outside? The most practical materials are considered:

– Corrugated board.

– Siding.

– Plastic lining.

Corrugated board

How to finish the balcony outside so that the material has been served for many years and does not lose external attractiveness. It is the corrugated board that will become a reliable and durable trim for the balcony. The material is a metal galvanized sheets of various shades having a corrugated surface. For external work, panels with a polymer coating with a thickness of 0.5 mm are usually used. Before finishing the balcony outside the profiled sheet, you will need to install a rack frame around the perimeter of the balcony. The step of the racks in this case will be 40-50 cm. Further in the corners from the outside with special fasteners, fasten the sheets. We finish the finish of the balcony by installing the metal corners at the joints.


Siding is a coating that can be made of plastic or metal. In the first case, PVC is used in its production, and in the second – cold -rolled galvanized steel with a strong polymer coating. The material differs favorably with the rest of the coatings with its high explovation characteristics. Its advantages include resistance to atmospheric precipitation, mechanical damage and putrefactive processes, and besides, it does not require additional care.

If you have already decided how to finish the balcony outside, and the choice fell on a basement siding, then it will be required, as in the previous case, install a metal frame. It is better to fix it with anchor bolts. To fix the siding, it is necessary to install special corners on the sides of the design from profiles. Further, the panels with ends are installed in the opening of the corners and fixed with screws. Fixation is not carried out in the center, as this can ruin the appearance of the balcony.

Plastic lining

The material is presented in various colors and is considered the most budgetary option. The process of lining the balcony with plastic is characterized by speed and lightness. However, plasticity does not apply to durable materials, since it is not too resistant to mechanical damage. For its installation, the old coating is dismantled, and metal profiles are installed. Next, plastic panels are typed on them. Joints are closed with plastic corners.

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