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Leather sofa in the interior – furniture good with age

by dublindecor

Acquisition of a leather sofa is an idea not only for the external parameters of Nuterser, but also for its durability: furniture made of genuine leather lives 4-5 times longer than the most high-quality textile. And another feature over time, leather furniture does not lose relevance, “burns” with the interior of the house and its atmosphere and becomes a key part of the home coziness. He withstands tremendous loads, including those that can be brought from children or animals, who, as you know, can destroy even what is created for conscience. And about profitability: the skin remains expensive, but domestic manufacturers have adopted to create economical offers: for example, Borovichi furniture offers high-quality sofas made of genuine leather worth 15-20 thousand. rubles, which is very economical. The quality is similar to European – after all, the equipment is used the same.


Genuine leather is suitable for those who appreciate its transformation in the interior and are ready to make this furniture “eternal” element in their home arrangement. The furniture industry uses facial, half -liter, polished, semi -aniline leather. Not only European manufacturers, but also domestic, for example, Borovichi furniture, use these innovations in their catalog. Thanks to modern decoration technologies, an unusual effect is achieved – for example, the skin can be artificially aged, or it is overlaid with a pearl tint and. Those who care about the degree of wear, in addition to the very type of skin, its textures, etc., You should take into account when choosing: there are two types of staining. More expensive skin is not covered with a protective coating, due to which it is more pronounced, rich in color. In order for the color to last longer, the skin is more tightly impregnated with paint. The cheaper skin does not look so expensive, but it is covered with protection against scratches, fading. Paint here is applied more superficially.

Leather furniture – the eternal value of your comfort

The sofa will serve in the literal sense, so if you want to get rid of it, you will get rid of the actually new, solid piece of furniture. Of course, this property is inherent only to natural skin. If you do not want to use furniture in the interior for so long and need time to update time, you can choose artificial skin. Many manufacturers, including domestic, for example, Borovichi CJSC, offer their customers one design version with different upholstery capabilities.

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