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Repair of drywall damage

by dublindecor

Gypsum plasterboard sheets are usually quite strong, but they are only made of gypsum, which was clamped between two sheets of thick paper. Drywall more or less inexpensive building material, and is also quite easy to use. On the other hand, drywall can also be relatively easily damaged.

In many houses, you can see dents, cracks and holes in the walls that need to be paid attention to. If the damage does not apply to the entire wall, then it is actually very simple to fix it. Remove loose paper and plaster along the edge and apply putty. After the putty completely dries to the end, you can clean this place. Make sure that apply another layer is not necessary.

But what will happen if you are dealing with more serious problems, such as holes in drywall? If you hire a professional, you usually get a well -completed job, but it will cost money with which you may not be ready to leave. Repairing drywall is actually easy if you have all the necessary tools. Here is one of the ways that you can restore drywall in your house that was damaged:

The old way- for this method you will need: a piece of drywall, a piece of board, roulette, screws for drywall, screwdriver, painting tape, putty and spatula.

The first thing you need to do is to cut the damaged area from the wall. Cut the area with a square, removing the damaged area. Measure the size of the area that you cut out and also cut a piece of drywall, which corresponds to these sizes. Next, take a piece of the board and put it in the hole from the inside so that the wall closes half, and leave the second to fasten the cut square of drywall. Now using a screwdriver and screws, fasten the drywall on each side to ensure a tight fit of the board to the rear of the drywall.

Now what you have to do is take a piece of drywall that you cut out earlier and install it in your place. Fix it with self -tapping screws to a piece of board using a screwdriver. Lay the painting tape along the edges of the area that you cut out, and then apply a putty layer with a spatula above the tape. Allow everything to dry completely before you completely clean the surface. After you have cleaned everything, repeat the process again, while you have not a completely smooth surface.

Below is a step -by -step solution in the pictures:

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