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The roof is the most important part of the house

by dublindecor

…The task of which is to protect it from external climatic influences, as well as create an appearance, decorating the house and giving it integrity and completeness.

It can have insulation, or it can be cold. If it has an attic, then its insulation is not required.Thermal insulation of the premises in this case is carried out due to the overlap and air space of the attic. A non -shallow roof can be cold if it is located above non -residential premises. The roof is the most subject to external influences part of the house, which means that its design should be durable in order to reduce the cost of repair and operation of the house. And its shape, one of the determining aspects of reliability. In the shape of the roof are divided into flat and pitched.

If it has a slope of less than 2.5%, then it is considered flat. If the slope is more than 2.5% then it is considered a pitched. In turn, the pitched ones are classified into single -shield, gable, holm, tent and broken. Single -to -shut -offs are based on different high walls. Typically, such a roof is built over technical and households and structures. She is cheap and simple in construction.Gable is based on walls equal to height and is two multidirectional planes. This is the most popular roof design, the slope and size of the overhangs of which can vary depending on the design of the house. Hot is a design having four triangular slopes (rollers) descending from skate to the cornice.

If the slope approaches the cornice, then it is considered half -wool. A feature of the roofs of this design is the presence of auditory windows. The hip roof is much better than other designs cope with wind loads, but in construction it is quite complicated and requires certain skills and experience for its construction.

The tent has slopes converging at one point, it is a traditional coating for symmetrical structures, square or round in plan. Browned – this is a gable attic roof formed by two rectangular slopes converging at a blunt angle. A similar roof is erected when there is a need to use a cover space or create a living room there.Other interesting publications:

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