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What the cost of corrugated board depends on?

by dublindecor

Corrugated board is a fairly simple constructive material. It passes the process of stamping and coating with special polymer paints. As a result, it acquires strength and aesthetic characteristics.

How much is the corrugated board?

Despite the fact that the professional teams have many advantages, manufacturers offer them at a very attractive price. At the same time, you cannot call any specific figure, because the final cost depends on many indicators and characteristics. Therefore, one should not be surprised that the price of a roofing profiled sheet is always lower than a wall.

What exactly the cost on corrugated board depends on?

One of the main factors that affect the price of such material is the height of the corrugation. The larger it is, the more significant. So, for example, if you take products with the marking of C8 and H60, it will become clear that the former has a lower price, because there is less corrugation height than the second type.

The cost also affects the cost. If it is represented by zinc, then the material has a low cost. But with a polymer coating, the price is much higher, but despite this, many have already used such a profiled sheet for fences, because they know that it is more durable and durable.

In addition, the price is also affected by whether products are painted on both sides or only from one. Accordingly, if the coating is available on both, then the final cost of the material goes higher than the one that has it only on one side.

In addition, the producer also affects the price. The most expensive is the material made abroad. Since imported manufacturers use modern technologies, better materials and equipment.

But do not think that from domestic factories corrugated board is less good. On the contrary, our manufacturers make it taking into account climatic features, as a result, it turns out that Russian products have more durable characteristics.

From this it follows that many factors affect the cost of profiled sheets. They must be taken into account. And if you want to acquire quality material at a lower price, you should give preference to the one that has been produced in Russia, has a one -sided polymer coating and a small height of the corrugation. These are the profiles on the site sold.

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