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One of the most ancient building materials is a tree. At the same time, today, among modern finishing materials, the tree takes far from the last place. And this is natural, because the tree is environmentally friendly, natural material and beautiful in texture, at the same time very easy to use.   All the more to maintain a comfortable temperature in summer or winter in wooden houses is much easier. And what is the most attractive in the tree, as building and final material, is that it is able to withstand an unlimited number of freezing and measurement cycles, which allows houses from wood to serve for more than a hundred years.

Therefore, today one very common type of finishing material can be distinguished-block house. This material is a type of lining, while imitates a gallery log. Made of wood, the block house itself has the same properties given by natural advantages, and requires the appropriate to maintain care. To reduce the risk of damage to the material and contribute to the long time of the service, it is necessary to protect the material from exposure to external influences. There are several coating options for this:

To prevent mold and fungal damage, antiseptic impregnation is perfect. It is not only transparent, but also color. Antiseptics can also be used for the final coating of the block house and as a primer.

A film capable of protecting the house or walls from mechanical damage and moisture is formed through the use of varnish. Wear resistance, moisture resistance and other factors depend on what is part of the varnish, whether it be polyurethane, acrylic or alkid.

Water -based material, a stain, is absorbed, emphasizes the texture of the tree, but at the same time changing its color.  Since the stain unevenly covers the block house, it is recommended to cover with several layers of varnish on top.

Paints are also suitable for coating, but it must be borne in mind that the drawing of a unique wood is completely hidden, which is the meaning of the finish using a block house. If this significant drawback does not scare you, then you can safely use paints.

The listed options for covering the block house allow you to maintain aesthetically attractive and in every sense a worthy view of your home for a long time.   Block House, like no other finishing material, is perfect for horizontal decoration of both internal and external walls of a country house or cottage.

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