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Business project in Carpathia: Property Complex 1.2 ha

by dublindecor

Real estate in the Carpathians attract more and more entrepreneurs who buy it with the aim of carrying out an entrepreneur of activities. We present to your attention another object of commercial real estate in the Carpathians. The land plot 1.2 hectares is provided for the maintenance of production premises. It is possible to carry out the construction of a tourist base, a residential microdistrict, a cottage village, a supermarket, etc.D.

Commercial real estate in the Carpathians – a valuable acquisition for a businessman. An exception is not this attractive area, which also contains several taps built back in the 1990s, as well as a stone well with fine water and a power supply substation.

The composition of this property complex includes:

The carpentry workshop

A separate block of garages


Fire reservoir

Such commercial real estate in the Carpathians is a great opportunity to create a prosperous business and get rather large income. The land is equipped with all the necessary communications. There is also a mobile coverage area. On the territory of this land plot there are the following communications: power transformer, gas, fiber -optic line, telephone. A small stream also flows at one border of the site, which gives this territory even greater beauty and attractiveness.

This land plot is located near the resort city of Kosov, at a distance of about 4 С Freez of the ski route. This makes this site even more attractive for the construction of a tourist complex. This is also evidenced by the fact that today real estate in the Carpathians is more and more buying precisely for the construction of such tourist bases and complexes. At a distance of several kilometers to the land, there are several tourist bases at once, which are full of tourists in the midst of the season. Nature and clean air every year attract more and more tourists.And if you are engaged in tourism business, then real estate in the Carpathians is an excellent purchase for your business.

The city of Kosov, near which this property complex is located, is surrounded on all sides by forests with unique flora and fauna. The city received the state status of a resort town. Nature here is wonderful. Not only passive recreation lovers strive for her, but also people who lead an active lifestyle.

You can read more about this property complex here: /Projects /Business-Project-Integral-Property-Complex.HTML

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