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How to make a drywall ceiling with your own hands

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Not paying attention to the fact that the cost of the ceiling from GCL with designer solutions embodied in them is quite large, even people with small wealth are ready to spend a couple of monthly wages to create such masterpieces. But the idea about the fact that you can try to make this kind of gim -plate ceiling with your own hands does not come to everyone. So, for those who still dared to test their own strength in this difficult matter, I wish to tell about the creation of one of such ceilings. An example will be a room for children, during the repair of which this gim -plate ceiling was made.

Ceilings in the nursery from Gipro

How to make a gim -plate ceiling with your own hands

All work arises from marking. A horizontal level is beaten off on the walls along the border, the forms of the upcoming masterpiece are drawn on the existing ceiling. It is too important to correctly calculate the distance from the overlapping panels to the lower tier, the installed lamps for Potlka, the design of ventilation and electrical raking should voluntarily accommodate in the emerging void. But, at the same time, it should not be lower below. The appearance and quality of the finished ceiling depend on the accuracy of the performance of the marking.

Having completed with the original stage, you can begin to create a metal frame, which, first of all, depends on the first time and the reliability of its operation depends. If, for example, the created gim -plate ceiling with your own hands has several tiers, then you need to start from the lower. For its system, UD and CD profiles, fixing parts and all kinds of connectors are used.

Using the arsenal of these all products, we will collect the frame. Using clogging dowels along the drawn lines of the perimeter of the ceiling and walls, UD profiles are fixed. As a rule, it does not appear with even areas of difficulties, but on curved segments these profiles will need to be a little upgraded. Cutting the shelf of the profile from the 2nd side or cutting the section in it (it all depends on the direction of the excess), you can bend it mainly smoothly.

System of drywall ceiling

Now he is losing to reduce with the help of CD-profiles two planes, horizon (arising from the walls) and steep (it begins on the existing ceiling). Everything, the frame of the original tier is ready.

In order to get distracted a little, you can also lay the electric swinging on the ceiling here, or you can continue the installation of the frame and go to another tier. What we will do.

In this case, the rule of the system of another tier is definitely such as the initial one, only from the walls of the walls, its binding occurs to the lateral part of the already assembled frame. In order to give the system stiffness, the lower tier needs to be attached to the ceiling. This can be done either with the help of P -shaped brackets, or by making a specialized mount from the UD profile (the people are called “boots”). Another is better, because the strength and stiffness of the frame attached to the “boots” is much higher.

Now, having made sure that the wiring of hidden roots is over and their performance does not cause doubts, you can skin the frame with gypsum – cut holes under the installed lamps, putty and paint. We will leave the main figure “on the snack”, because it is better to fix it to the finished ceiling. We chat a little about her later.

DIY gypsum -plated ceilings

Putty drywall ceiling

An important process that affects the beautiful appearance of the finished product is considered painting and putty. If, for example, with coloring everything is extremely simple, then things are different with putty.

If you can’t, don’t take this business. It is extremely important here competently, without violation and fractures of the plane, install arched perforated fireplace. This corner will completely add clarity and shape to all lines of the ceiling. It is also required to correctly make corners correctly.

If, for example, declare the putty itself, then it must be made perfectly, without some or pits, tubercles and scratches. In order to give the plane perfect roughness, to make it smooth, like an egg shell, putty is cleaned with an abrasive net installed on a vibration grinding machine. And after this, the ceiling is primed, a skirting board for the ceiling is placed and only now you can go to color.

Painting and putty of drywall ceiling

Gis cardboard ceiling – Making a figure

So the turn of the main figure came up. The shape is drawn straight on a piece of drywall, after which it is cut out an electric jigsaw. All work related to putty is made specifically from below. In advance, you will need to calculate a small frame for the figure attached to the finished ceiling from Gipro. He must be approximately this kind of form as a figure, only less, so that it is not visible from the side.

Gis -cardboard ceiling with your own hands photo

We fix the finished and putty figure with screws with screws to this frame, not large pits with fasteners with putty and painted in your favorite color. That’s it seems and that’s it.

Gipper installation of the ceiling with your own hands

Gis -plate ceiling in drawings

Lamps for drywall ceiling

Finally, a little about lighting. It is better to place the tremendous number of spotlights on groups that are included in the individual buttons of the circuit breaker. Application, if possible, energy -saving bulbs will give the room a more soft, not harmful lighting for the eyes. And the LED illumination of the drywall ceiling, not counting the decorative function, will serve to create a comfortable environment in the room.

Illumination of drywall ceiling photo

Creator of a professional class on installing a drywall ceiling with his own hands Sergey Ovsienko. Professional class is prepared specifically for the site Dream House

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