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Kitchen in the style of “modern”

by dublindecor

In general, this style came to us from England, where the transition of the word “Modern” into Russian is pronounced as “modern”. Nowadays, the value of this style has changed somewhat, and it began to be called not modern, but that, in fact, it indicates another component of its peculiarity. But however, do not forget that Modern is in a certain fork between classics and highlights, which ultimately betrays him even more additional properties, among which we can note many interesting.

So, speaking about the fact that, choosing a kitchen in the style of modern

, We mean:

one.Freedom of choice in color scheme, as well as when choosing finishing materials.

2.The use of modern technical means, including household appliances and materials in the interior.

3.Compliance with the complete integrity of the composition, as well as have a single geometry of forms and outlines.

four.Allows you to avoid many combinations of colors.

5.The favor of lighting evenly over the entire area of ​​the kitchen.

6.The use of the kitchen space is productive and with a clear representation of the functionality.

7.Minimization and thoughtfulness in every detail of the interior of the kitchen.

Naturally, thanks to all this, the style that appeared back in the 20th century, until today continues to actively be in demand in the market. This is especially important now when employees tired at work, who cannot prove themselves and the potential that is hidden in them, strive to realize it wherever only allowed.

The “Art Nouveau” style is just capable of all this, and will allow you to splash out not only to thoughts and fantasies, but, in fact, to become a “sculptor” of his own cuisine and life starting with the room where most of it is carried out. It is here that they try to recover after a hard and difficult working day and it is in it that they try to make at least some kind of contribution to the current life and even preparing for themselves, dinner or doing it a couple with their beloved, you will involuntarily remember, then How did you make this kitchen for you or for yourself.

Of course, despite the fact that the kitchen is important in any house, it is important to make its layout not only correct, but also to do it with the maximum attention and thought of each moment. The layout, which will be made correctly, will allow you to increase your modest and small kitchen to quite large, and at the same time not to cllate it with all sorts of unnecessary things that you do not need at all on it.


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